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Inviting neighbors to have a home in Christ together.


“In the next five years, every person in our community will personally experience God’s love in a practical way through Aspen Ridge Church. Attendees at Aspen Ridge Church will be involved in one or more healthy small groups.”


  • We prayerfully rely upon God’s word to guide us toward our home in Christ.
  • We invest in families so the generation to come may know the treasures of the Gospel.
  • We believe we are sent by God so our neighbors and world may come to know Christ.
  • We cultivate a welcoming environment for all who join in our journey toward Christ.


SEEK AN ABIDING RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS (John 15:4,5,7) – This is a practical description of what it means to find a home in Christ.  Since Jesus is speaking to all his disciples, abiding is not simply an individual affair.  It is in relationship to Christ and to one another.  Abiding in Christ will show up in a love for Jesus and his people, connecting in large and small groups.

SERVE THROUGH THE CHURCH TOWARD THE WORLD (John 15:12-17) – In the matter of serving, Jesus takes pains to distinguish between a dutiful slave and a friend.  Jesus’ disciple does not serve to earn a wage or to pay off slave debt.  Christ followers serve through the church toward the world because we love God and one another.  This service with “one another” will show up in practical demonstrations of the love of Christ toward our community.

SHARE YOUR STORY IN A COMPELLING WAY (John 15:26,27) – Jesus describes his followers as those who “bear witness,” emphasizing the power of story shared in the context of an ongoing relationship with the world.  Jesus invites his disciples to depend on the Holy Spirit for effectiveness in witness.  This will show up in prayer, building redemptive relationships, and having spiritual conversations.


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