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We glorify God by inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ together.


“In the next five years, every person in our community will personally experience God’s love in a practical way through Aspen Ridge Church. Attendees at Aspen Ridge Church will be involved in one or more healthy small groups.”


  • We prayerfully rely upon God’s word to guide us toward our home in Christ.
  • We invest in families so the generation to come may know the treasures of the Gospel.
  • We believe we are sent by God so our neighbors and world may come to know Christ.
  • We cultivate a welcoming environment for all who join in our journey toward Christ.


  • Our strategy begins and ends with cultivating a lifestyle of inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ together.
  • We will celebrate our home in Christ through dynamic corporate worship.
  • We will build relationships and cultivate a sense of family identity through small groups.
  • All will be encouraged to join in serving Christ in some practical way.


  • Seek God passionately
  • Serve one another compassionately
  • Share the gospel relationally


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