Small Groups

Learn, Love, and Do.

Small groups are an important part of building a true, caring community of believers. A healthy small group at Aspen Ridge is made up of people who assemble in Christ’s name for 3 primary things—to Learn, Love, and Do

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In our topical and sermon-based small groups, we dig into God’s word together, learning about Him and about ourselves. In our interest-based small groups we use things such as fishing, knitting and hunting to learn about each other and the God who created us uniquely.


Small groups at Aspen Ridge are places where we experience God’s love for us. They are also a place where God’s love and grace overflows from us into those around us. My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action. (1 John 3:18).


 Small groups are places we do. Do life together. Do worship together. Do evangelism together. We are better together. We recently did a church-wide service project together called “Get Out,” where we served the community in Evergreen and Marshdale.

Sermon-Based Groups

Learn and grow together as you dive deeper into the content of the week’s sermon.

Topical Groups

Explore a particular biblical theme or theological subject.


Fun Groups

Groups based on shared recreational interests, like fishing, volleyball, hiking and golfing.




Have you ever met someone and instantly clicked with them? Sure, it may take months to get to know each other and years to develop a deep friendship, however, in these moments it’s like your soul says “hello, friend!” right from the start. I’ve only had this happen a...

Shine On!

Shine On!

At Aspen Ridge Church, we dreamed of having events several times throughout the year where we would feature speakers who would appeal to our local church and the community at large with lunch afterwards. Pastor Jeff asked me to spearhead the project and I gladly...

May News

May News

Dear Friend of Aspen Ridge Church, I am so pleased to hear about progress in reducing the number of COVID 19 cases in our state and region. The result is that government guidelines with respect to wearing masks have now changed. Wearing masks is optional and our new...


If you have questions or would like to serve as a small group leader, email Eric Krajewski (Director of Small Groups) at [email protected].

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