April 4, 2020

The Return Of The King

Passage: Luke 19:37-44
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Bible Text: Luke 19:37-44 | Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Clark | Series: Palm Sunday |


Verse 1
The passion of our Saviour
The mercy of our God
The cross that leaves no question
Of the measure of His love

Our chains are gone
Our debt is paid
The cross has overthrown the grave
For Jesus’ blood that sets us free
Means death to death and life for me

Verse 2
The Innocent judged guilty
While the guilty one walks free
Death would be His portion
And our portion liberty

I give my whole life to honour this love
By the Lamb who was slain I’m forgiven
The sinner’s Saviour crown Him forever
For the Lamb who was slain He is risen



For we trust in our God
And through His unfailing love
We will not be shaken
We will not be shaken
We will not be shaken


Though the battle rages
We will stand in the fight
Though the armies rise up against us on all sides
We will not be shaken
We will not be shaken
We will not be shaken

For in the hour of our darkest day
We will not tremble we won’t be afraid
Hope is rising like the light of dawn
Our God
Is for us He has overcome

All those against Him will fall
For our God is stronger
He can do all things
No higher name we can call
For Jesus is greater
We can do all things

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