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A significant part of our strategy for church life has to do with gathering for spiritual growth in small groups.  In many ways our mission statement calls for relationships and Christian community.  ‘Inviting neighbors’ best happens when we are living in loving relationships with each other.  ‘Finding home in Christ’ suggests that we meet as families in homes, building our core relationships with God and each other.  ‘Together’ reminds us that the Christian life is not a life of isolation or individualism.  Our small group meetings have everything to do with prayerfully relying upon God’s word to guide us toward our home in Christ.  They also are an important avenue to invest in families so the generation to come may know the treasures of the gospel.

Some time ago our leadership was given a practical help in the direction we intended to go with an article by Larry Osborne entitled “Seven Advantages of Sermon-based Small Groups.”  If you would like to know why we have decided to major on Sermon-based small groups, you may visit this article.

If you have more question for small group life at Aspen Ridge Church, you may contact Bob Blake or Rob Kuck at…

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