Live It Out

Live It Out

We’re pursuing a bold vision that can only become reality as we live it out.


As the people of Aspen Ridge Church, we desire that:

Every person in our community will personally experience God’s love in a practical way through us.

Every child, student and adult in our church family will be involved in one or more healthy small groups that ‘learn, love and do’ together.

To fulfill our vision individually and as a local church, we embrace the opportunity and responsibility that comes with being:

Called to serve.
When you’re called to serve, you recognize that our church’s vision for ministry becomes real and personal through you.

Connected in relationships. 
When you’re connected in relationships, you experience give and take that helps you grow and strengthens our church. 

Compelled by the gospel.
When you’re compelled by the gospel, everything you do in daily life takes on a whole new meaning.

Committed to outreach.
When you’re committed to outreach, you look for ways to communicate God’s love to others through your life.

Video Stories

  Week 4: Todds's Story

Week 4: Todds’s Story

 Week 3: Linda's Story

Week 3: Linda’s Story

 Week 2: Justin's Story

Week 2: Justin’s Story

 Week 1: Marty's Story

Week 1: Marty’s Story


We’re investing in ministry development and facility improvements that support our vision as we live it out. Now through Spring 2018, we seek to accomplish the following goals in three phases of priority. The timing of each phase will be determined by the funds available from incoming gifts.

Small Group Ministry Development: $83,750
Priority Phases 1-2

  •  Engage growing participation in small groups as part of our vision.
  • Add a new full-time pastoral staff position to shepherd small groups.
  • Enhance training and coaching support for small group leaders.

Outreach Ministry Development: $136,750
Priority Phases 1-3

  • Cast vision and celebrate stories of community outreach as an everyday lifestyle of loving our neighbors.
  • With the same new pastoral staff position, foster and financially support outreach opportunities in our community and with ministry partners.

Relational Ministry Space Improvements: $64,750
Priority Phase 2

  • Install new carpet in our KidZone and Student Center.
  • Purchase new chairs for the Student Center and Celebration Center.

Community Appeal and Accessibility Improvements: $314,750
Priority Phases 2-3

  • Initiate architectural planning for exterior projects, with contingency funds for cost fluctuation.
  •  Install new siding on the entire church building.
  • Expand the church parking lot.

Giving Goal: $600,000
We seek to fulfill this goal by April 30, 2018, through gifts above and beyond our regular offering. We can initiate Priority Phase 1 when we have $149,000 in hand.



Together, we are the church—a living, breathing body made up of children, students and adults. We serve in many different ways, but all for the same purpose of showing God’s love in practical ways. Serving is an essential part of how we glorify God by inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ together.

Opportunities for Adults

The Ministry Menu will guide you to consider your participating. If you have questions or thoughts concerning the service opportunities listed, please contact the church office by phone or email to be directed to the ministry lead.

You can download the Live It Out booklet for the full Ministry Menu, or visit the Ministry Menu page.

Opportunities for Children and Students

We desire to include all ages in fulfilling our vision. Through weekday and weekend ministry participation, children and students will receive information about how they can participate. 

It is our desire to partner with you as parents to raise your children in understanding the importance of generosity and service—because hands-on experience is the best way for them to learn.  View the flyers for children and students.


Your giving is a matter between you and God. As appropriate, it may be determined with your spouse and family.

Above and beyond your regular offerings, your financial support for this initiative may be fulfilled between now and April 30, 2018 by:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly giving
  • Monthly giving
  • A one-time or annual gift

Other giving options:

  • Complete the envelope in the center of your Live It Out booklet and bring it to the church office.
  • Drop your envelope in the mail if you are unable to attend that weekend.

Town hall exchanges

We hosted three Town Hall Exchange opportunities on June 25/26, 2016, to answer further questions about our Live It Out initiative. You may access bullet points related to those questions online, if you were unable to attend or would like further documentation.

Free Image Downloads

Are you the kind of person who needs a visual reminder to help you keep something front-and-center? Well, we have free graphic images you can download as a reminder to live it out.

Choose from different sizes and designs to use as a home screen for your computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you were not able to respond by April 23/24, you may still participate:

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