Church Nursery Worker

Job Title: Church Nursery Worker

Reports To: Director of Children’s Ministry

Position Status: Part Time/Hourly/Rate varies depending on experience

Purpose: To provide dependable, safe, secure and nurturing care to the children while at church, ages 0 through 2 years old in a clean environment.

Responsibilities: Responsible for providing age-appropriate care which includes: Feeding, maintaining a safe environment, putting children down for naps, holding children if needed, sitting with and cheerfully interacting with children through games, stories, play and prayer.

Be polite, courteous and friendly to all children, parents and volunteers. Diaper changes are to be done by parents or guardians only.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to the Service. Child care hours include every Saturday from 4:45 PM to 6:15 PM and Sunday 8:45 am to 12:15 pm. You’re expected to work all Saturdays and Sundays even if it falls on a holiday unless otherwise discussed. You will have the option to work other church events, i.e. Easter, Christmas, Vacation Bible School, etc. The opportunity for extra work will be announced at least 4 weeks prior to the event.

Stay until children are secured with a responsible adult named on the child’s registration form. In the event of an emergency notify the Director of Children’s Ministry via radio and parent via cell phone.

Straighten the nursery room and clean any toys/beds before leaving the nursery. All toys that have had contact with saliva will require special attention with the sanitizing solution available in the nursery.

Attend an evaluation after a 90-day probationary period and thereafter annually. Report any issues to the Director of Children’s Ministry which hinder you from carrying out your duties or responsibilities.

Communicate in advance by phone to the Nursery Coordinator: Any planned absences with an advance two-week notice. Any unplanned absences at least two hours prior to the shift.

Qualifications: Experience in caring for children between the ages of 0 to 2 with the ability to adapt and interact with a variety of personalities.

At least 18 years of age

Satisfactory completion of background check and reference checks. Must also agree to follow the Aspen Ridge Church Code of Conduct.

Must adhere to Aspen Ridge Church Child Protection Policy Guidelines

Termination Policy: There will be a 90-day probationary period where either party may terminate employment without cause. Beyond this, a two-week notice is expected.

Dependability is essential. Tardiness and excessive absences cannot be tolerated and will result in termination of employment. Immediate termination will occur in cases of intentional verbal, physical or emotional abuse or neglect of any child, parent, coworker or church member.

Termination may occur for failure to carry out job duties as described above or failure to comply with the Aspen Ridge Church Child Protection Policy.

Desired Qualifications:
– 2+ to 5 years of experience
– Age Groups: Infant, Toddler
– High School degree
– First Aid Training, CPR Training

Must have reliable transportation. Must be able to safely lift 30 lbs.

Additional Information:
Compensation: $15.00 to $18.00 per hour
Industry: Childcare
Availability: Part-Time

If interested please contact our Director of Children’s Ministry, Debbie Stewart.

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