DRAFT – Giving – Sharing Our Wealth

Wealth may seem like an odd word to use. Recent events have reminded many of us that our financial standing is not really as firm as we wish it was. But I encourage you to take a step back. Even the poorest of us here is far richer than all of the animals of the world and God takes care of each and every one of them. It is not the amount that we give, but where our heart is behind the act of giving. Jesus pointed this out to his disciples at the temple one day as worshipers were giving their gifts. He stated that the gift of the poor widow – just two mites – was far greater in God’s eyes than the extravagant gifts of the religious elite.

A lot of time, our wealth can become a burden more than a help it seems and giving is a great way to relinquish the weight of that burden. I would encourage you stop thinking about how much God wants you to give and maybe consider for just a moment how much God wants you to keep. We believe that it is important to support whichever church you call your home, but we also encourage you to give outside of your church as well. Find those things that you are passionate about and get involved. Giving of your wealth – whether big or small – helps bring a greater connection between you and what you are giving to. And often, when the giving seems to hurt is when we see God working the most and experience some of the greatest blessings and immense joy.

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