DRAFT – Giving – Giving Our Time


It could be argued that our time is the most valuable asset we have in today’s modern society. There is no end to the demands placed on our time everyday not to mention the constant barrage of advertisements and enticements that want to spend even more of our time. Many of us came up here to the foothills around Evergreen and Conifer just to get away from the hectic activity of Denver and yet still it seems that most of us are constantly on the move. So let this be an encouragement to stop – just for a minute – maybe even shut down the computer for a minute if you have to. It is amazing the peace and refreshment that can come from even a short respite. Now think about the ways that you can give that most precious commodity to others. Often a true gift of our time can be more valuable than any amount of money or tangible thing. Connect with a friend, stop by at your neighbors and say, ‘Hi’, or invite someone new to get coffee with you. If talking isn’t your thing, then something as simple as hanging out and watching a movie, going for a hike or even just sitting on the deck can be incredibly memorable and start building meaningful relationships that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t take much searching to see that Jesus believed in this. The pages of His life are filled with times where all he is doing is just hanging out. He may be teaching, listening or healing – but underneath it is to conscious act of just being. Even now he encourages us to just take time to be with Him. So let us take a break from the constant calls for our time in this life – don’t worry they’ll still be there when you return – and let’s give our time to those who truly matter the most. Our neighbors, our friends, our family and even strangers. This simple and yet oh so difficult sacrifice will result in rewarding experiences that far outweigh the cost.

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