Mission & Vision
Acts 26:16-18
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

Question: What mission does Jesus give the Apostle Paul?

The selection Jesus makes.
The task Jesus gives.
The audience Jesus assigns.
The outcome Jesus describes.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

My Story: Describe occasions in your life when you were filled with a sense of purpose and meaning? What did you do and how did you feel?

Digging Deeper:

1) Jesus describes His purpose for Paul’s life in v. 16. How does Paul’s commission relate to your life purpose?

2) Jesus selects Paul; we know this through his use of the word “appoint” and “send.” Compare this to Jesus’ words to his followers in John 15:16. In what way have all believers been selected for mission?

3) Paul is to be a witness and a servant. How are words given additional significance alongside serving, and how do practical demonstrations of love reinforce words? Where and how can you and your group engage in a service project for your neighborhood?

4) Jesus clarifies Paul’s target audience in v. 17. This will include Israelite and non-Israelite people. What do we know about the target audience for our church? Why must Jesus promise to “deliver” Paul from the very people who are his audience?

5) What outcomes does Jesus promise through Paul’s service? In what way does Paul model the very conversion he seeks in others?

Taking it Home: Spend group time discussing a service project in your neighborhood. Which of your neighbors needs to be served? How can you and your group serve? Pray that God will use such project to engender gospel interest.


We would like to extend a special welcome to visitors and guests, and we invite you to an informal reception following our worship service. Please visit the welcome center in the lobby to get church information and receive a special gift when you turn in a communication card.


Get ready to make an impact in a child’s life! We will be filling boxes with school supplies and toys to send to a child who may never have received a gift. The shoebox will also send the good news of Jesus. Boxes are available in the lobby and must be returned no later than Sunday, November 17.


Fressia is our new Director of Communications and we are excited to welcome her to our staff. She is a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for new styles and design trends that improve her skills. Fressia, her husband Keith, and their three boys live in Pine. They attend Crow Hill Bible Church but are connected to Aspen Ridge through AWANA and CBS. Please feel free to connect with Fressia via email.


Opportunity: A dependable person wanting to make $25 per hour shoveling the snow off the sidewalks at the church. This will require you to have the walks cleared by 7:30 AM each time we receive snow. Please contact our head of Properties Ministry, Jake Wealing, at [email protected] or 219.863.2760.


You may have noticed over the past months and years that Aspen Ridge Church has been intentional about developing a preaching team to share and develop this important ministry. This team provides quality teaching and leadership. Please check out our website for Pastor Jeff’s latest blog with all the details regarding our Aspen Ridge preaching team.


Thank you for your generous and sacrificial giving to the Aspen Ridge Benevolent Fund. During the month of September, we let you know that the Benevolent Fund gifts from October 5/6 would support the Converge churches that were impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Because of your generosity we have sent a check for $2,000 to help the Converge Southeast churches. Please see our latest blog on the website for a communication from Converge after receiving our donation.


Mark your calendars for an Aspen Ridge outreach on the night of October 31. We will transform our parking lot into an outdoor event, meant to serve our neighbors in the form of decorated vehicles and candy. Opportunities to sign up for trunks this weekend in the lobby as we reach toward our goal of 40 trunks! Candy donations will also be accepted in the lobby. We also ask that trunk volunteers plan candy/trinkets for about 400-500 participants, and food items must be prepackaged. This event has become an amazing community outreach, and it’s exciting to take part!


Stop in this week for our Wednesday dinner, served at 5:30 PM. This week, the menu includes lasagna, garlic bread, green beans, peaches, salad and dessert for $2.50/person or $10/family.


Aspen Ridge Church is in a part of the country that has comparatively low levels of faith involvement.  Overall, the likely preference for historic Christian religious affiliations is very low when compared to national averages.  What do you know about your neighbors’ spiritual interest, and how can you serve?


Our meeting was held on Sunday, September 29. We welcomed into membership Jack and Joan Wealing and voted to approve our new budget for the coming fiscal year. We also reviewed wins from the previous year as related in our annual meeting packet, which are available in the media stands.

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