Acts 17:10-15
Todd Ickes

The Big Idea: A noble heart receives truth eagerly!

The Big Question: What made the Berean’s hearts noble?

The way they received the message.
The way they responded to the message.
The fruit they produced because of the message.


Bringing it Home: Was there anything that specifically impacted you from this passage?

Your story: Has there ever been a time in your life that you heard or learned something that turned your world upside down? How did you respond? How did you decide if it was true or not?

  1. How do you determine what truth is? (John 7:17, 1 John 4:1)
  2. Much of the opposition to Paul’s message was from the Jews and religious leaders, because the Jesus Paul was proclaiming to them didn’t fit their expectation of who he would be and what he would do. It turned their world upside down. Are there limitations that you place on God based upon your preconceived notions of Him?
  3. We live in an age of scandal (from pastors to politicians), wondering not if, but when, the next big scandal will break. Skepticism has become a virtue. Many times, we presume corruption or, at the very least, that anything too good to be true probably is. How has this affected your heart? How could it affect your heart’s soil “eagerness” to receive a life-changing treasure of truth as the Bereans did?
  4. Why did the Bereans receive the message with eagerness? Why did the Thessalonians respond with jealousy? (Acts 17:7-8)

Taking it Home: Spend some time evaluating your heart “soil”. Be honest with yourself; how willing are you to allow God to disrupt you (your agenda, plans, beliefs, personal convictions, etc)?

Ask God how He wants to apply these things in your life. Ask Him to show you anything in your life that is preventing you from receiving the treasure as a child. Ask Him to show you what you don’t see, if there’s anything in your life (resignation, lost hope, cynicism, critical spirit) that has diminished the treasure of the Good News in your life.


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