God’s Leading Through Unexpected Change
Acts 10
Eric Coe, Missionary

The Big Idea: God is not through with your story.

Acts 10:45 – And the believers from among the circumcised who had come with Peter were amazed, because the gift of the Holy Spirit was poured out even on the Gentiles.

God’s leading is CLEAR
God’s leading is TIMELY
God’s leading may require DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

My Story:  Describe a season where God brought about unexpected changes in your life and calling.

Digging Deeper:

1) God speaks to Peter on the roof, making it clear that He is bringing about something different, even though it is not yet entirely clear what that ‘something’ is. Recall a time when God was clearly doing something in your life, but you did not yet have clarity on where it would lead. How did you feel in that moment?

2) When God appeared to Peter, servants from Cornelius were already on their way to Peter. Recall a time or season when God was doing something in your life, and you may not have had the complete picture from the beginning. What did God do that was unexpected? How did things resolve? What did you learn about God? What did you learn about yourself?

3) God’s leading required radically different practices from Peter and the church. Are there areas of your life and faith where God might be calling you to make changes? What would change look like? What are the barriers to change? Consider especially the area of evangelism — are there ways that you talk to others about who God is that may need to change in order to be more effective?

Taking it Home: Give thanks to God for the ways that you have seen Him work and move in different seasons of your life. Prayerfully consider whether He might be calling you to new behaviors in this season and take a step to put those new practices into action.


We welcome Eric Coe, one of our missionaries whose ministry focuses on using digital tools and strategies to engage the 250 million Russian speakers to move toward God. We would love to meet you at our Welcome Center in the lobby and share a gift and available opportunities. Our Pastoral team would also love to meet you and will linger in the front after the services to this end. You may let us know you were here by using a Communication Card found in our worship folder. We receive these in containers placed on tables in the Celebration Center.


The elders are asking members of Aspen Ridge Church to prayerfully consider nominating qualified men as elder candidates. Nomination forms are available in the church office and need to be returned by Friday, July 15.


Are you interested in getting to know more about Aspen Ridge Church? Pastor Jeff and Mary will host this informal gathering at their home on Sunday, July 10 at 2:00 PM. The address is 7183 Pinewood Drive in Evergreen. We would love to connect with you and hear more about your interests/desires. Please contact the church office to RSVP.


We are excited to share that Converge Worldwide was able to send $861,000 to its sister churches in Ukraine to minister to the needs of their people in the midst of war. Our funds were a part of this great endeavor, and we continue to lift them up in prayer.


What happens when we worship? Join a new, summer small group, on Wednesdays beginning June 15, from 6:00-7:30 PM at the church that will explore this question with the help of What Happens When We Worship by Jonathan Landry Cruse. We will examine the significance of corporate worship and recognize how God is doing something to us, for us and through us in each element of the service. You are welcome!


We are praising God for His blessing of a wonderful week at VBS! We would like to thank each of our volunteers, we could not do this without you. We would also like to thank Debbie Stewart, Lisa Alcaraz and Kyndall Nixon for their amazing heart and leadership! We are so thankful for seven kids who gave their heart to Jesus! Also, the kids raised $1,600 to send to Hope Lives School in Aloi, Uganda and a family matched that amount for an awesome outreach to the children there. What a great week!


Aspen Ridge Church is partnering with Waterstone Community Church and Royal Family Kids to participate in a week of camp for 40 foster children! Our Deacons have sponsored five children for this program and two of our own, Debbie Stewart and Bethany Van Mill will be camp counselors. Please keep Debbie, Bethany and the children in your prayer this week. For more information, please see the blog entitled “Royal Kids Family Camp” on our website – which is located under the Connect tab.


Aspen Ridge Church is always interested in hearing about… and celebrating… God-sightings. Have you experienced God in a particular way? Have you had a meaningful spiritual conversation with a friend? Have you had a rewarding opportunity to serve in your neighborhood? Let us know on the church communication card so we can praise God with you.


Beginning in June and running through August we will have summertime student ministries, middle school Wednesdays and high school Thursdays both from 6:30-8:30 PM here at Aspen Ridge. Bring a friend and come join us! Sign-up for the parent newsletter is on the student’s page on the Aspen Ridge website for more details. Please also pray for our High School students who are at camp this week.


July 2/3, Matthew 5:44, presented by Jeff Clark
July 9/10, Matthew 5:48, presented by Jeff Clark
July 16/17, Luke 9:60, presented by Kyle


Actual                             $     21,908            $    46,197              $  701,280
Budget                            $     13,000            $    39,000              $  663,500
Difference                       $       8,908            $      7,197              $    37,780


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