Christian Triage
Acts 15:22-35
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

The Big Idea: Christians sort a dispute into at least two levels of importance.

  • Essential-level Importance
  • Lower-level Importance
  • Conviction-level Importance


Do not err on the side of those who deny essential-level theological issues.
Do not err on the side of those who elevate lower-level matters to essential-level prominence.
Respect local church leadership on conviction-level issues.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

My Story: How does “triage” work in hospital emergency rooms? In what way does “triage” illustrate an important responsibility for all Christians, and for leaders and teachers in particular?

Digging Deeper:

1) This passage has much to say about how the apostles and leaders exercised judgment about certain teachings or practices (Acts 15:22, 25, 28). How did these leaders decide, and what does this tell us about how to weigh various disagreements?

2)The matter of salvation, by grace through faith, is a first-order issue (Acts 15:11). Different approaches to this (Acts 15:1,5) must be corrected. What other teachings may be described as “first order?”

3) The problems of meat sacrificed to idols and Israelite dietary laws are understood as lower-level issues (Acts 15:29). These were ethnic issues that should not bring division into local church life. What other teachings or practices may be “lower-level” issues?

4) There do exist conviction-level differences that may result in significant differences between and among local Christian churches.  Convictions about Christian baptism would be among these, and church government may also. What should one do with mid-level differences?

Taking It Home: Do not err on the side of those who deny essential-level theological issues. Further, do not err on the side of those who elevate lower-level matters to essential-level prominence. Finally, respect local church convictions on conviction-level issues.


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