Finding a Person of Peace
Acts 16:11-15
Dr. Jeffrey Clark
Question: How may Christ-followers witness from a minority position? 

Look for a person of peace among those gathering (Acts 16:13).
Find a person of peace among those who listen (Acts 16:14).
Encourage a person of peace to go public (Acts 16:15).


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

My Story: Jesus commends His followers to find a person of peace for the gospel mission (Luke 10:5,6).  Have you ever found such a person?  If so, describe.

Digging Deeper:

1) The Apostle Paul was looking for a person of peace among a group of women who gathered by the riverside on the Sabbath (Acts 16:13). What was notable about Paul’s interaction with these women in general and Lydia in particular?

2) How did Paul confirm that he found a person of peace in Lydia

(Acts 16:14)? Who was responsible for Lydia’s heart being open and what does that say about her receptivity and faith? In what way may listening be the pathway toward faith?

3) Persons of peace eventually go public with their faith, bringing a multiplying effect to your relationship. How did Lydia go public with her faith (Acts 16:15)? What tangible evidences of a transformed heart show up in her life?

Taking It Home: Take some intentional steps to find a person of peace. Prayerfully attend worship gatherings and look for someone to meet there. Start a conversation. Pay attention to those who are listening carefully. Watch for those who have the gift of hospitality!


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Barry Strickland, Prison Ministry (Texas)
God showed up in a mighty way for the 87 ladies and five volunteers seeking real heart change in Marlin, TX, at an event with Chandra Adams. Please pray for these women, for growth, for their circumstances and for transformation in their lives.


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