Happy Christmas – Good News of Great Joy
Luke 1:13-17
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

The Big Idea: True happiness comes from realizing fulfilled promises.

  • Zechariah receives God’s promise for a better future.
  • Zechariah receives God’s fulfillment of a better future.
  • Zechariah’s happiness a mix of promise and fulfillment.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

My Story: This series is entitled “Happy Christmas.” For many, Christmas may be the opposite of happy…why?

Digging Deeper:

  1. What do you know about Zechariah? In what ways have he and his wife experienced loss? How did his need and loss become an occasion for happiness and joy? How may your need and loss become an occasion for the same?
  2. Zechariah receives God’s promise for a better future. Review this promise. In what way is it true that an expectation of promise for a better future is vital to happiness? How is this the case with Zechariah? What general promises are given to all believers in Jesus Christ?
  3. Zechariah receives a fulfillment of God’s promise for a better future. Review this fulfillment. In what way is it true that a fulfillment of promise is vital to happiness? What fulfillment has been realized in the present for all believers in Jesus Christ?

Taking It Home: Zechariah bursts out in poetic happiness with a song. He has an assurance that his child will be a prominent figure in God’s salvation program. Is there a poem to write, a song to sing, a prayer to say or a thanksgiving to offer for the joy that may be found in God? Decide today.


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Barry Strickland – his ministry works in our prison systems here in America. He is asking for prayer in a prison that has changed schedules and made it more difficult, in general, to work with the men who are wanting to be in his program. A new warden is coming soon, and he is praying this man will have an open heart to his ministry.

Eric and Kara Coe (Russia) – sent a very sweet message of thanks to all their supporters and those who take the time to pray for them, their family and their growing ministry to the Russian people.


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