He Came…To Save Sinners
1 Timothy 1:15
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

Question: Why did Christ Jesus come into the world?

  • He came into the world to save sinners.
  • He came into the world to save the foremost sinner.



Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

Digging Deeper:

  1. Notice how Paul introduces this verse as a saying that is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance. How might this be important in light of the false teaching mentioned in 1:6-8?
  2. “Christ Jesus came into the world” is a phrase that at least suggests the pre-existence of the Son of God. It also describes what we celebrate as Christmas. Discuss.
  3. Christ came to save sinners. Most world religions want to make progress with reference to God, by doing things that earn standing or favor. In opposition to this, Christian faith begins when one admits their need of the forgiveness that only God can provide. Discuss.
  4. The apostle Paul described himself as “foremost” or “chief” of sinners. How do you reconcile this with the transgressions of Hitler or a serial murderer?
  5. It seems like those who advance and progress in their relationship with God are keenly aware of the ways they fall short of God’s standards. Have you ever noticed that the air in a room appears clear until light falls upon it in such a way to reveal the dust particles and impurities?

Taking it Home: Stop comparing yourself with others! Start remembering who you were before a faith commitment…where you came from. Connect with the gospel and a Christian church that heralds such.


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