Human – Friendship: David & Jonathan
1 Samuel 18-19
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

The Big Idea: Friendship builds spirituality in a hostile and destructive world.

  • Friendship limits the effects of evil.
  • Friendship manifests love.
  • Friendship builds on trust.
  • Friendship brings encouragement.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

My Story: Identify, in your mind, a long-standing friend. What is it about this friendship that has made it constructive and formative in your life?

Digging Deeper:

  1. The presence of Jonathan in David’s life seems to limit or “bracket” the effects of evil. What evil has existed in the chapters prior to 18-19, and what evil exists after? How does Jonathan’s friendship mitigate evil in David’s life? How does it restrain the destructive ways of our world?
  2. Jonathan is commended for loving David “as his own soul” (20:17). Some type of self-interest in human beings is pre-supposed in the Bible, and loving out of this self-interest is commended in Jonathan. What does it mean to love our neighbor as ourselves?
  3. Trust is the foundation of Jonathan’s relationship with David, and ultimately, of any healthy relationship. Review the ways Jonathan and David always sought to engender trust. Ask yourself this question in your friendship(s): is what I am doing/thinking/saying building trust…or eroding trust?
  4. Friendship in the kingdom of God is meant to bring strength and encouragement in the Christian way. How did Jonathan encourage David in 23:15-16? How can you encourage a friend this week?

Taking it Home: Begin praying that God would lead you toward a friend(s), then begin taking some initiatives with people. Ask someone to go on a hike, invite them to an event or serve them in a practical way. Take notice of hints or indicators about what sort of potential this friendship may have. Compare notes with one another in your small group.


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