Live It Out – Committed to Outreach
Jonah 4
Dr. Jeffrey Clark  

The Big Idea: God challenges Jonah’s commitment to outreach.  

  • Jonah’s heart, v. 1-4.
  • The unpredictable plant, v. 5-8.
  • God’s commitment to outreach, v. 9-11.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

My Story: This passage involves Jonah quarrelling with God. Think of a time when you had an argument with God. What was it about? Who “won?” What did you learn?

Digging Deeper:  

  1. Jonah finds himself angry and displeased (4:1), despite God’s favor toward the Ninevites. What could be the source of Jonah’s perception of rejection?
  2. In considering Jonah’s situation, Eugene Peterson describes his problem as a failure of imagination, a failure of heart. Where and when do you find God challenging your imagination and heart?
  3. God appoints a plant (4:6), a worm (4:7) and a wind (4:8) for a particular purpose in Jonah’s life. What is God’s purpose in Jonah’s life?
  4. God enters a conversation with Jonah. In the same way Jonah had pity over the death of the plant, so God had pity over the (prospective) death of Nineveh. What does this tell us about God’s love for our mountain community?

Taking it Home: This week, try an experiment with two dried out sponges, a plate and a pitcher of water. Place one sponge on the plate. Slowly pour water on the sponge until it’s completely soaked. Now place the second sponge next to the wet one, so the two are touching. Continue to pour more water onto the first sponge. As the first sponge overflows, notice how the second one gets wet, too. Think about how God has poured out His love on you. When you are close to others who have not experienced God’s love, how does the overflow from your life bless them in practical ways?


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This is the weekend when our entire church family will make a commitment to the Lord to live it out in generosity and service.  

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During our April series, we are featuring a book by Eugene Petersen, The Unpredictable Plant, in our library (just past the office). This is a resource that Pastor Jeff has been referring to during this series; feel free to check it out if you are interested. We also have copies of The Treasure Principle available at the Welcome Center as a free gift to you, if you have not yet received your copy.   


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