In a Way Different
Mark 8:27-38
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

The Big Idea: Jesus is God’s Appointed King, but in a way different than the world expected.

  • Jesus is God’s appointed King but different… v. 27-30.
  • Jesus is God’s appointed King but must suffer… v. 31-33.
  • Jesus is God’s appointed King to follow… v. 34-38.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

Perceptions: How did you feel about this topic… before this message was even heard? How did the message reinforce, challenge or adjust your feelings on this topic? What point did you feel most strongly about?

Learning: What did you learn about this topic that perhaps you didn’t know before? What portion(s) of this message brought valuable review or insightful perspective? How did this topic develop a Christian “way of thinking” that challenges your view of the world?

Life Change: Where do you need to apply the big idea behind this message? How could this application show up in your life? What difference will this message make going forward? Where do you need help and support in making personal life changes?


If you are visiting, we want to extend a special welcome to you and invite you to an informal reception immediately following our worship service. On Saturday, Pastor Jeff will be available in the Celebration Center, and on Sunday, he and his wife, Mary, will meet you at the Welcome Center.


It may be that you are interested in baptism for yourself or a family member. Our next baptism will be the weekend of August 29-30. Please be in touch with church leadership by August 18 if you would like to participate in the next baptism weekend!


Do you have items or services you would like to display or sell at our fall celebration on September 26? Aspen Ridge will be hosting RidgeFest with a view toward serving and supporting our community and its talent. Please check out our website to register as a vendor. We would love to fill our lot with local opportunities! We also plan to have fun activities for children and adults again this year…so get ready for hay rides, a bounce house and a dunk tank!


Do you need to put something in the bulletin? Do you lead an event that needs flyers or marketing? Do you have a life-changing story you’d like to share? All of these requests (and more!) can now be submitted online, through our website at By using this online system, you will help us keep track of requests and deadlines to ensure better communication!


We are excited to have Michele Force as the lead for this year’s Taste of Christmas event! If you are interested in helping on this team, please contact Michele at [email protected] or 720.633.3895 as soon as possible, so she can coordinate the first team meeting.


Kerry Cox and his family will be moving out of the rental property owned by Aspen Ridge and into a newly purchased home in Evergreen. Our rental property is a 3BR, 3BA house with a 2-car garage and approximately 2300 sqft. It will be available for rent in September. If you have any questions, if you might be interested in this opportunity or if you know someone who would, please contact the church office.


During the weekend of August 29-30, we will be celebrating the beginning of a new school year with our annual “Move Up” weekend. If your child has not yet switched to their new class, we will be happy to help you find the appropriate class for the new year! Our KidZone greeters will be ready to assist you with any questions you may have.


Small groups are the heartbeat of our Aspen Ridge Church ministry. In the coming weeks you will be hearing about opportunities to connect with a small group. In addition to our regular and ongoing small groups, we will be offering a number of new ones. You can browse the groups online through our website or mobile page and see if there’s a time and place that fit your family’s schedule. If you’re looking for a place to grow spiritually and connect with others, a small group can help you do just that.


Are you new to Aspen Ridge Church? Are you wondering how to take the next step? We have a new small group that is just for you. It’s called the “Bridge” and will be a six-week orientation to church life. Todd & Victoria Ickes will be leading this group and would love to follow up with you personally. Please indicate your interest on a communication card.

Begins Wednesday, September 9 at 6:30 PM

If you haven’t been a part of Wednesday nights at Aspen Ridge Church, you are missing out on one of the most energized nights there is. About 150 kids from our surrounding community meet together for exciting lessons, friendly competitions and a whole lot of fun. Ages 3 through grade 5 participate in the program, and middle and high schoolers are also supported. These kids are the future leaders of the church.

If you are interested in being a leader or listener, please attend the training on September 2 at 6:30 PM. Listening requires no preparation…just a prepared heart!

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