Follow Me – Jesus: The Source of Rest
Mark 3:1-6
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

The Big Idea: Jesus heals to demonstrate He is the source of ultimate rest.

  • Doing what is “unlawful” on the Sabbath…
  • They were watching Jesus…to accuse.
  • Jesus’ grief and anger… leads him to heal.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

Perceptions: How did you feel about this topic… before this message was even heard? How did the message reinforce, challenge or adjust your feelings on this topic? What point did you feel most strongly about?

Learning: What did you learn about this topic that perhaps you didn’t know before? What portion(s) of this message brought valuable review or insightful perspective? How did this topic develop a Christian “way of thinking” that challenges your view of the world?

Life Change: Where do you need to apply the big idea behind this message? How could this application show up in your life? What difference will this message make going forward? Where do you need help and support in making personal life changes?


If you are visiting, we want to extend a special welcome to you and invite you to an informal reception immediately following our worship service. On Saturday, Pastor Jeff will be available in the Celebration Center, and on Sunday, he and his wife, Mary, will meet you at the Welcome Center.


On June 28, we will be hosting a preliminary orientation that details areas of ministry within the church. If you filled out a Ministry Menu, or if you are interested in serving at Aspen Ridge, we invite you to join us. This is an hour that we hope will help you connect with the volunteer areas that may be a good fit for you. We will begin in the Celebration Center promptly at 9:00 AM, then you will have a chance to attend two breakout sessions for your top areas of interest.


We continue to see significant interest in following Christ into the waters of baptism. Our next baptism service will be during the weekend of July 11-12. If you are interested, the first step is to secure an interview with one of our pastors or church leaders. We will finalize our list of participants on July 5.


Our main office will be moving to summer hours effective immediately and continuing through mid-August. The summer hours will be 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM daily. If you call or email the office after 2:00 PM, please note that your request will be handled the next business day.


Please note that for Father’s Day next weekend, our library will feature books for men. They will be located on the display shelf to the right as you walk into the door. The library is located upstairs, across from the main office, in room 207. Thank you, Carol Anderson, for your work in this area.


This is the weekend to bring your baby bottles to the church filled with change to help support one of our ministry partners, Mountain Area Pregnancy Center. We will be returning these filled bottles to MAPC in the next couple of weeks.


We’re taking our regular Saturday evening service outdoors for the holiday. Join us at 5:00 PM for a picnic, provided by the outreach team. Stay for service at 6:00 PM, and then enjoy some ice cream before heading off to fireworks with your family. Bring a neighbor!


Please pray for our students and chaperones who are attending the Christ In Youth conference in Durango. They leave at 7:00 AM (be at the church by 6:30 AM please) on Monday, June 22, and return at approximately 6:00 PM on June 26. Be sure to make plans to join them on July 2 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM to hear testimonies from their time away.


June’s Gathering, at 9:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall, will highlight retired Army Chaplain Ken Pfeiffer as he leads discussions through a lighthearted and challenging look at Cat & Dog Theology. A dog says “you pet me, feed me, shelter me, love me – you must be God”. A cat conversely says “you pet me, feed me, shelter me, love me – I must be God”. The traits of cats (you exist to serve me) and dogs (I exist to serve you) are often similar to the attitudes we have towards God. Experience this study that will challenge your thinking in deep and profound ways.

July in The Gathering will see Dr. Jeffery Clark taking us through an enlightening look at the Kingdom of God through the teachings of Jesus. Historically, Christians have viewed the Kingdom of God in many varied and diverse ways – but the real question is “How and what did Jesus teach us on this very important topic”?

Ed and Debi Condra
Wycliffe Bible Translators


  • 11 New Testament books in 4 languages and 31 Patpatar Psalms passed through the final check by outside consultants.


  • Continued progress for the translations to be completed and accurate, and that God’s word will be a blessing to all of the Papua New Guinea people.


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