Jesus on Giving
Matthew 6:1-4
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

Question: How are we to give financially to the Lord?

  • We are to give out of our heart, v. 1
  • We are to give regularly, v. 2
  • We are not to give for public stature, v. 2
  • We are not to give for self-recognition, v. 3
  • God will honor those who give, v. 4.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

My Story: These words of Jesus have to do with financial generosity toward the Lord and toward people in need. In your opinion, why may financial subjects be painful and awkward when discussed in the context of church life?

Digging Deeper:

  1. Jesus begins by describing a shallow approach to giving that is chiefly about creating a certain perception in the minds of others. What is the dual meaning behind “sound a trumpet,” and how may people do this today?
  2. Jesus makes an ironic affirmation that there are (limited) results that may come from such false piety. What does Jesus mean when he says that those who give to be honored by men have their reward in full?
  3. The idea of giving in a way that your “left hand does not know what your right hand is doing” may appear confusing. On the one hand, giving should be prayerful, intentional and thoughtful. On the other hand, it should be forgotten. Explain how this works in your life.
  4. “Giving is not chiefly for the benefit of the recipient, but for the benefit of the giver.” Discuss.

Taking It Home: According to the National Philanthropic Trust (, 95% of all households gave to charity in 2013. The average annual household contribution was $2,974. The majority of charitable dollars went to religion (31%), then education (16%), then human services (12%) and then grant-making foundations (11%). What do these statistics say about giving patterns in our society at large? What can people of faith take away from this information? How is God calling you to invest for His kingdom?


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Ed and Debi Condra
Wycliffe Bible Translators


  • Four hundred copies of the Sokarek New Testament arrived at the New Ireland Translation Institute in Papua New Guinea.
  • Final consultant checks of 8 New Testament books were completed among 4 languages, along with several Patpatar Psalms.


  • Ed will make good progress on editing the Patpatar Psalms.
  • The bibles will be published and distributed to New Guinea villages.


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