New Attitude – Toward Neighbors
Romans 12:14-17
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

Question: How do we cultivate a new attitude toward neighbors?

  • Speak graciously toward, v. 14.
  • Adjust to moods, v. 15.
  • Live in harmony with each other, v. 16.
  • Respect your neighbor’s viewpoint, v. 17.
  • Live peaceably with your neighbor, v. 18.

Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

My Story: The orientation of people of faith toward the unbelieving world is multi-faceted and complex. On the one hand, God’s people may be tempted to withdraw or disconnect; on the other hand, God’s people may lose their distinctiveness in an effort to accommodate. If you err on one side or the other, which is it? Why?

Digging Deeper:

  1. Identify the leading reasons why most students of this passage apply it toward relationships with people outside the Christian faith. Evaluate your relationships with neighbors in light of these principles.
  2. Someone said v. 15 is the most difficult of all verses in the Bible. Further, it may be more difficult to really rejoice with those who rejoice… for what reason? How can we get past feelings of envy to genuinely be happy for others? What does the application of this verse look like in your life?
  3. Living in harmony with one another is toward the end of a healthy ministry of the company of faith toward the world. However, this does not mean we should never debate or disagree. In fact, such debating or disagreements may be a sign of healthy or trusting relationships. Discuss.
  4. We are to do good in the sight of all men (v. 17). Where is your life work on display before others in our community? How can your light shine before others so they can see your good works and glorify God?

Taking It Home: Have everyone in your small group pull out their “New Attitude” packets. This should include a cover letter, a ministry menu for adults and children, and ministry description statements. Take some time in your small group to pray about and discuss what area of service or ministry could be of interest, and prepare to turn these in the weekend of May 17-18.


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