Words to Build a Life On – Two Ways
Matthew 7:13-14
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

Question: Why should someone enter God’s kingdom by the narrow way?

  • Because the way is wide that leads to destruction.
  • Because the way is narrow that leads to life.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

My Story: This message has to do with entering God’s kingdom by the narrow way. However, most of us don’t want to think of ourselves as narrow people. We like to think of ourselves as big-hearted and broad-minded. How do you bring together Jesus’ call to enter by the narrow way with the perception that Christians may be narrow-minded?

Digging Deeper:

  1. Popularity and majority opinion go along with a wide gate and path. When does your Christian faith put you at odds with majority opinion or the popular crowd?
  2. In Proverbs 14:12, Solomon describes a way that seems right to someone but with disastrous consequences. How does this compare to the broad gate described by Jesus?
  3. One way leads to destruction. What difference does the prospect of destruction make in our lives when it comes to our neighbors and our world?
  4. A narrow way has the idea that there are hazards on both sides. Describe the hazards that exist along the Christian way on both sides.

Taking It Home: This message leaves us with a definite choice… which gate will we enter? Would you describe yourself as having already made that decision or as still making that decision? If you have already made that decision, will you tell someone this week about your decision and why?


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