A Story about God and People
Matthew 22:1-14
Dr. Jeffrey Clark


  • The story begins with a Sovereign God, v. 1-3.


  • The story continues with a Loving God, v. 3-10.


  • The story ends with a Holy God, v. 11-14.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching,
was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged
or confused you?

My Story: Today our topic has to do with the parable of the wedding
feast, given by Jesus Christ. Parables have the dual purpose of
concealing and revealing truth. Why would Jesus ever want to cloak
the truth for the purpose of concealment? How ready are you to hear
and believe the truth?

Digging Deeper:

  1. Look up the definition of sovereign in the dictionary. How does Mt. 22:2 describe God as sovereign? What does he then send his servant to do in v. 3? Review Mt. 28:18 when Jesus says “all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” What then does he tell his people to do in the verses following?
  2. How is the love of God described and explained in this passage? On the one hand, this love seems far more persistent and gracious than the love that we may show. On the other hand, this love includes a severity that we do not normally associate with love. Discuss.
  3. It was a custom of the day for the king to provide wedding garments for those who would gather at this type of wedding ceremony. When the king confronted the man who had no wedding garment, he was speechless. Review what difference God’s holiness made for Peter (Luke 5:8) and Isaiah (Isaiah 6:5). How about you?

Taking It Home: In light of God’s sovereignty, love and holiness, we are called to “invite neighbors to find a home in Christ together.” Review why this is such a central mission and share stories of how you have come to see this in your life and in our church family.


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On January 11 and 12, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a
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The Gathering is open to all, meeting in Room 104 during the 9:00 AM
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discussion on “Christianity and its Basis in Law”.


Our Saturday morning Precepts class will study the book of Hebrews
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Our church leadership will be calling a town hall meeting scheduled for
January 12 at 9AM in the fellowship hall. This meeting will discuss
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Questions about origins bubble up in life like a continual spring bubbles
up with water. The questions include the following: Where did we come
from? Why do people exist? How old is the earth? What is the meaning
of marriage? These are real issues that call for a meaningful, thoughtful
response. More than that, they require a word from God. Having a
handle on these issues will help believers engage those who have a
naturalistic outlook on life and on our world. By understanding God’s
design and purpose one may understand and advance the meanings
behind venerable and long-standing institutions. By gaining hold of God’s
intentions one can understand how things are supposed to work
today. In this series we will look at origins of the universe, the world,
human beings, rest, work, good & evil, and marriage. Our intention will
be to view these matters in light of God’s purpose for originating His


Thanks to all who came on New Year’s Eve and helped us unveil and
celebrate our new name for our combined youth group – DV8. We will be
learning from and living out Romans 12:2 together as we move forward!

High Schoolers, our “SUPERNATURAL” Winter Camp 2014 is January
24-26 and the cost is $120 for one student or $225 for two. Remember,
your balance is due by January 18. Be ready for an exciting program –
including drama and music, meeting great friends, a dodge ball
tournament, a game room, a swimming pool and much more. Please see
our Director of Student Ministries, Hunter Headley, for complete details.


On January 21 from 6:00 – 7:30 PM, Aspen Ridge will be hosting a
Social Security Workshop led by Bob Blake, Michael Speer and Bronco
Ring of Fame football player, Randy Gradishar. The workshop will cover
several areas that can affect how much you collect in benefits over your
lifetime. Be sure to bring a friend!


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