Honor on the Line 
Malachi 1:6-8 
Dr. Jeffrey Clark 

Question: How have we dishonored God’s name? 

  • We dishonor God with duplicitous speech. 
  • We dishonor God with a polluted heart. 
  • We dishonor God with profane gifts. 


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you? 

My Story: Today our passage described the problem of “profanity.” By this term we do not mean simply four letter words. The term means “away from the temple,” and has the idea of speaking in a way that is not consistent with the presence of God. A person’s speech may be smooth and respectful toward God, but his or her heart may be far from God. Describe occasions when you have seen this. 

Digging Deeper: 

  1. Last week we saw that God chose Jacob (v. 2) as his son… for the sake of privilege and also service (Is. 41:8,9). How does our Malachi passage describe ways God’s chosen people are to serve? 
  2. Notice the three uses of “say” in v. 6 & 7 (but you say…, but you say…, by saying…). Describe the internal inconsistencies between these statements. What are some common ways that believer’s words dishonor God? 
  3. Describe God’s expectations for a sacrificial gift (Lev 1:3,10). Compare this to the ultimate, once-for-all sacrifice he made in Christ. What does this say about how God honors Himself? What does this say about the honor we should give to God? 
  4. Consider two offerings that are commended in Scripture: David’s purchase of the threshing floor (2 Sam 24:18-25) and the widow’s coins (Luke 21:1-4). “God judges a gift by what the gift costs the giver… rather than by its intrinsic worth.” React. 

Taking It Home: The people to whom God was speaking in this passage were not honoring God in their speech or in their gifts. Where is God challenging you to authenticity in your speech? Instead of giving leftovers or second best, how can you begin to give God the best of your time, talents, and treasures?



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Ruth Gollings, Converge Worldwide, Tijuana, Mexico 


  • for Caritina Ruiz, administrator at Debora House of Refuge, for her work with the families there. 


  • for the young people from Tijuana who served in summer missions projects, that they continue to grow spiritually. 
  • for the families who are sheltering at Debora House of Refuge and for recent graduates from Debora, that their needs are met.


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