The Roots of Obedience 
Psalm 132 
Dr. Jeffrey Clark 

The Big Idea: Obedience that honors God is always rooted in God’s grace. 

  • Obedience that honors God, v. 1-9. 
  • Is always rooted in God’s grace, v. 10-18.


Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you? 

My Story: Imagine a painter who tries to become great. Unless he strives, he will never be an artist at all. But since he makes greatness a deliberate goal, he proves that he is not, and never will be, great. A master artist is great without trying to be great. It is a fruit, not a work. Do you agree or disagree? Why? 

Digging Deeper: 

  1. David was a complex and fascinating person. What is it that you know about David in his many roles (as shepherd, poet, musician, warrior, friend, king, diplomat, husband, father and architect) that makes him a model for us? 
  2. This passage commends David because he “swore… and vowed” (v. 2) to the Lord. When are we to be commended for taking, and following through, on an oath? How does this line up with Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5:33-7? 
  3. Look at the unconditional (v. 11) and conditional (v. 12) aspects of God’s covenant with David. On the one hand, God fulfills his promises and they will surely come to pass. On the other hand, the personal and spiritual benefits of God’s promise accrue only to those covenant people who trust… and obey. Which of these two sides do you need to hear? Why? 
  4. This passage has much to say about future fulfillment of God’s promises to David (v. 14-18). Notice how many times God says “I will” in these verses. Reflect on what you believe God intends to do in our marriages, families, community and government. How does this inform our prayer life and our acts of obedience? 

Taking It Home: If a person gives a special gift to their spouse on a wedding anniversary and then says “don’t mention it, it’s my duty,” what happens? Are there ways you are treating God in a similar manner? 


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John and Dottie Davis, International House of Philoxenia, Oregon 
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• for new believers in Inn Tea, Laos, where John taught 50 years ago-resistant to the gospel then, now center of Christian witness. 


• for John as he volunteers at the University and international chapels and the students they both witness to. 

• for Laotian Christians who are experiencing increased persecution, for God’s strength to be manifest in them and for their faith to grow.

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