PSALM 122: 1-9
Dr. Jeffrey Clark 

The Big Idea: Blessed is the person who assembles in corporate worship with a certain attitude. 

  • An attitude of gladness 
  • An attitude of unity 
  • An attitude of thanksgiving 
  • An attitude of submission 
  • An attitude of prayer



Quick Review: Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you? 

My Story: This week we learned about the importance of attitude in corporate worship. Can you think of times when you have been going through the motions, but lacked the type of attitude in this Psalm? Describe what was going on with you. 

Digging Deeper: 

  1. John Piper says worship is a “way of gladly reflecting back to God the radiance of his worth.” How does this attitude show up in Psalm 122 and Psalm 84? What do you see in these Psalms that you would like to make real in your own life? 
  2. The Psalmist makes an architectural metaphor for worship in verse 3. How does 1 Peter 2:4,5 describe our relationship to one another? Where can you foster an attitude of unity by approaching your critics? 
  3. Sometimes it is difficult to generate feelings of thanksgiving in the Christian life. However, the Psalmist says that thanksgiving is “decreed for Israel” (verse 4). How can you act your way into an attitude of gratitude? 
  4. The Psalmist models an attitude of submission to the thrones of judgment (verse 5). Where might you struggle in your attitude toward authority in our nation, state, local authorities or the church? 

Taking It Home: Looking back at this week’s teaching and study, where do you need to make an attitude adjustment? How can this adjustment serve to make your worship of God genuine and how can it help in the fulfillment of our mission statement: “Inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ together”?  


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The Gathering is an interactive group that meets every Sunday at 9:00 AM in room 104. There are few areas in the Christian life that lead to feelings of frustration and defeat like evangelism. Join Pastor Jeff in June to deal with this practical subject. He will explore subjects like “Hope of Success in Evangelism; Evangelism with Depth; and God-centered Evangelism.” Bring a friend and an inquiring heart. 


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  John Foundation/Asha Jyothi ( 

In 2007, Dr. Saji John and his wife Cynthia started Asha Jyothi in India, which ministers to both children and women through Children’s Homes, Tuition Centers, Educational Sponsorship Programs and Employable Skills Training Programs. Asha Jyothi also has evangelism teams that are involved in ministering mainly to children through film shows and book distribution. 


  • that eight Asha Jyothi children got double promotions in school this year for outstanding performance 
  • that the fourth children’s home, Joshua Boys’ Home, will open in June 
  • that on June 4, 92 students graduated high school 


  • for new batch of church planter’s training beginning in June 
  • for new skill training in jute bag production starting in July 
  • for strengthening of our income generation projects 

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