Psalm 125:1-5
Casey Franklin 

The Big Idea: God gives us the stability to live boldly! 

God is our Wall of Protection. (A picture of protection) vv. 1-2 

God does not allow the righteous to be oppressed for long. (A reason for our security) v. 3 

We need to live confident that God is on our side. (An expectation that God will secure us) vv. 4-5


Quick Review: Review this week’s teaching. Is there anything that challenges you? 

My Story: This week we learned that true security is found in God alone. Do you think we live in a secure world? If you don’t, you’re not alone. And let’s face it; there isn’t much reason to feel secure about our world. Can you think of some things that we tend to put our security in, such as money, material possessions, people or knowledge? Is it easy or hard to find your true security in God alone? 

Digging Deeper: 

  1. This Psalm begins with imagery of Zion as a city surrounded by sheltering mountains. What is this trying to communicate about God? How is God like a wall of protection for us? What is the condition that is mentioned in v. 1 for the security of God to be present? 
  2. Even though this metaphor of the mountains is a powerful reminder of God’s protection, it has its limitations. Over the centuries, the mountains themselves weren’t enough to prevent other nations from taking over. Read Psalm 121:1-2 and 46:1. Where does our real security lie? 
  3. In verse 3, we read about the “scepter of wickedness.” What is this scepter? We live in a world where it looks like the wicked are always in control. But this verse says, “For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous.” The key word here is rest. The reality of wickedness will not remain on the righteous. Evil, pain, suffering—none of these are permanent. In what ways does this bring relief and comfort to you? 4. In verse 4 we see a prayer for God to do good to those who are good. The Psalmist longs for a time when the faithful will prevail over the wicked. Reflect on how the Lord loves to “Do Good” to his people. As a parent, reflect on how you love to bless your children with good gifts, with protection and security, etc. The last phrase in this Psalm is a prayer for peace for Israel. Why was the Psalmist so concerned with peace being upon Israel? How is this prayer relevant for today? 


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