The Hazards of Life 
Psalm 124:1-8 
Dr. Jeffrey Clark 

The Big Idea: This Psalm asserts that God is our help in various hazards of life. 

  • The hazard of antagonistic people 
  • The hazard of fire-breathing dragons 
  • The hazard of flash-flood waters 
  • The hazard of predatory animals 
  • The hazard of ensnaring hunters  


Quick Review: Review this week’s teaching. Is there anything that challenges you? 

My Story: This week we learned how to find help from God in the midst of various hazards. Can you think of some challenging trials that our world, our country, our state, our church or even you are facing? True or False: the way you respond to the trials has the potential to “make or break” you. Why or why not? 

Digging Deeper: 

  1. A phrase that is repeated twice near the beginning of the Psalm is “If God hadn’t been for us.” How do we know that God is for us? For those who have crossed the line of faith, we receive some big promises. Look these up and claim them: Romans 8:1; 8:31-32; 8:38, 39. 
  2. When believers encounter trials, the Apostle Paul says that God is seeking to build character and hope in us (Romans 5:3-5). Steel is “annealed” when it is placed under tremendous heat. What are we supposed to do in the midst of our sufferings? 
  3. What is your answer when something challenging enters your world? Is it “why did this happen to me?” or “how can I sing in the midst of trials with confidence?” 
  4. Here is a prayer that will help you put God in perspective in the midst of trials: “When I pray, I will measure your compassion by the cross and your power by the resurrection.” How does this prayer put your trials in perspective? 

Taking It Home: Write out the prayer (from #4) and put it in a prominent place. Talk to a friend about your trails and pray this prayer every day this week.  


If you are visiting today or if you are new to Aspen Ridge Church, we want to extend a special welcome to you and invite you to an informal reception immediately following our worship service. On Saturday, Pastor Jeff is available in the Celebration Center, and on Sunday, Pastor Jeff and his wife Mary will welcome you in the library (Room 207).


Maryjean Fowler would like to express a deep heartfelt THANK YOU to the wonderful 70+ volunteers who gave their time, talents, and passions to Vacation Bible School this week! God moved through you and blessed over 200 children and their families. Many came to know the Lord and all of them grew in their faith because you served faithfully! May God bless you in the same way! 


Please join us for a potluck luncheon immediately following the Sunday service to honor Garrett and Parker Wilson. We will be praying for them as they transition back to their father’s care. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share. 


Are you interested in being baptized? We will have two orientation meetings at 9:00 AM, one on July 7 and another on July 14 in Room 204. We ask that you attend one of those meetings to participate. For more information, please contact the main office. 


The Gathering is an interactive group that meets every Sunday at 9:00 AM in Room 104. Pastor Jeff will be developing a biblical basis for evangelism. 



Mary Clark will again present “The History of Religious Freedom in America” on June 30, during The Gathering’s regularly scheduled 9:00 AM meeting time. If you missed it last time, make sure to join us this time to hear about our country’s foundations, as Mary presents this special topic in the chapel. 


Charles “Chaz” Triplett has accepted the role as our new Assistant Worship Arts Director! Chaz comes to us from the great state of Illinois, and bring us years of experience in church worship. We look forward to have Chaz and his fiancé, Lisa, with us on a regular basis. Chaz will be leading worship this weekend and helping with sound, video and music every week. Welcome him and get to know him!

The second development involves a much more familiar face, that of one of our valued team members and the son of Pastor Jeff and Mary. David Clark will be working as an intern with Creative Arts for the summer and the following school year. David’s music gifts and his passion to learn, as well as his heart for the church and worship, make him a great fit for an internship role. 


Mission HIlls Church is scheduling weekly trips to Oklahoma to help in disaster relief. If you are interested, please see our website for full details


This week, Middle School Student Ministry will meet at the church for a BBQ and water fight from 6:30 – 8:00 PM. High School Back Porch continues this week on Thursday. Meet at the church at 6:00 PM for a ride, returning at 9:00 PM. 


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