A Vision of Christmas Future: Immanuel, God with Us
Revelation 21:1-8
Dave Mathewson


  • A vision of Christmas future (21:1-8)
  • Immanuel, God is with us (21:3)


Review: What did you find in this week’s sermon that challenged your
thinking? What stuck out to you that you may not have realized or
thought of before from Revelation 21:1-8?

My Story: When we think of heaven, what usually comes to our mind?
How do we envision life in heaven? Where do you think these ideas
come from?

Digging Deeper:

  1. Revelation emphasizes the physical and earthly nature of our future destiny as Christians. Can you think of other passages in the New Testament that portray our future destiny in physical or earthly, rather than just “heavenly” terms?
  2. We saw that Revelation 21:1-8 is a reversal of the effects of sin from Genesis 3, and is a restoration of the conditions of the first creation in Genesis 1-2 before it was tainted by sin. As you look through the rest of Revelation 21:1-22:5, can you find other parallels with Genesis 1-2 and the Garden of Eden?
  3. Why do you think it is important today for churches to think about our future hope and destiny as an earthly and physical one, not just a heavenly one?

Taking it Home: What difference do you think it should make when we think about our future destiny as God dwelling with us on earth? How can this actually make a difference in the way you live life now?


We would like to welcome Dave Mathewson to the pulpit this weekend.
Dave is an Associate Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary.
If you are visiting today, we want to extend a special welcome to you and
invite you to an informal reception immediately following our worship
service. On Saturday, Dave is available in the Celebration Center, and
on Sunday, Dave and his wife Joyce will meet you at the Welcome
Center in the entryway.


As 2013 comes to a close, we celebrate our Savior’s birth and praise our
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We will break for the holidays on December 22 and 29, resuming
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and its Basis in Law”.


Our Saturday morning Precepts class will study the book of Hebrews
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Questions about origins bubble up in life like a continual spring bubbles
up with water. The questions include the following: Where did we come
from? Why do people exist? How old is the earth? What is the meaning
of marriage? These are real issues that call for a meaningful, thoughtful
response. More than that, they require a word from God. Having a
handle on these issues will help believers engage those who have a
naturalistic outlook on life and on our world. By understanding God’s
design and purpose one may understand and advance the meanings
behind venerable and long-standing institutions. By gaining hold of God’s
intentions one can understand how things are supposed to work
today. In this series we will look at origins of the universe, the world,
human beings, rest, work, good & evil, and marriage. Our intention will
be to view these matters in light of God’s purpose for originating His


High Schoolers, our “SUPERNATURAL” Winter Camp 2014 is January
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On January 21, Aspen Ridge will be hosting a Social Security Workshop
led by Bob Blake, Michael Speer and Bronco Ring of Fame football
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