Greetings from Children’s Ministry!

I am excited and honored to share that I have been asked by Converge Rocky Mountain to co-lead a breakout session at the “Together To Transform 2019” conference. I will be leading along side of Ariel Meyers, the Children’s Director at Stapleton Church. The topic we will be discussing is “The In-betweens.” A tween is a pre-teen between the ages of 9 and 12.

Children are growing up faster than ever. They have instant access to information, all the time, through YouTube, social media, google, etc. If they have a question or are curious about something, it can be answered in a matter of seconds. This, sometimes, can be a good thing, but also can be very bad. The problem of tweens and teens comparing themselves to the perfect models in magazines and on television has been a problem for decades. Now, it is even more in their faces with social media. People post the happy, beautiful and awesome pictures of themselves. Some even post on how many calories they ate that day and how much weight they lifted. This may be a way for that person to boost their own confidence, but at the same time, may make others feel inadequate and not good enough. So, is it wrong to post the super cool and happy moments of our lives online? No, not at all, but to be honest, everyone at any age can be impressionable, and everyone has insecurities. Pre-teens are figuring out who they really are, and their self-esteem is fragile at this stage of life.

Why is tween ministry so important?

Plain and simple, they’re an age all their own. They think differently, act differently, relate differently, and learn differently. Spiritually, they’re ready for something deeper than children’s ministry but aren’t quite ready to be exposed to some of the tough truths of youth ministry.

Pre-teens are in transition spiritually. As a whole, they’re no longer satisfied with the basics of the Christian faith. They know the Bible stories, but they need to learn how those stories relate to their lives.

Tweens do not necessarily need adults to give them knowledge, but instead they need adults to give them wisdom. There is a growing need for a tween ministry to continue to engage, encourage and teach them at the level they require. Relationships are very important in this ministry, and leaders are challenged to help these tweens make their faith their own. It is our job to create an environment where they can connect with peers, connect with God and experience God, themselves.

In our break out session at Together to Transform, we will be focusing on why is there a need for tween ministry, and how to implement a tween program. I can’t wait to be a part of this conference!

Debbie Stewart
Aspen Ridge Church
Director of Children’s Ministries









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