I’m going to give you a statistic that is going to surprise you—maybe even shock you. 87% of the Rocky Mountain West is homeless. That’s right, homeless. Basically 9 out of 10 people you meet in Evergreen, Conifer, Denver, or Indian hills is homeless. Picture that in your mind for a second. What do you see and feel when you think of homelessness? Pause reading for a minute and picture it.

Now that you are back from the pause, it is not a pretty picture, is it? Nobody made in God’s image—and that’s everyone on earth—needs to be homeless. 

Now, you were probably picturing physical homelessness in your mind, but I am talking about spiritual homelessness. 87% of the Rocky Mountain West is spiritually homeless. They haven’t found a home in Christ—they are unchurched.   

It breaks my heart. So I’d like to declare a War on Spiritual Homelessness this year. A war on spiritual poverty. Will you join me?   

Perhaps you are spiritually homeless today and I want to say that is ok. Every person reading this has been there before or is there now. If you are there now, I’d like to invite you to find a home in Christ today. Jesus loves you. He led a perfect life, died a brutal death, was buried and rose on the third day for you. I invite you to come out of the cold and come home to him today. He is the best leader, forgiver, and friend you will ever have. I’ll say it again, God loves you. He always has and always will. What you do with that love is up to you. He won’t force it on you. Accept and receive it and come home. Reject it and remain homeless.

For those who already have a warm home in Jesus Christ, I have a challenge for you this new year. I challenge you to pick one person this year who doesn’t know Christ. It could be your co-worker, a friend, your dad, your girlfriend, or a neighbor. Pick one person and pour your generosity, kindness, and encouragement into them this new year. Listen well to them because I believe that this is one of our greatest ways to show God to others. Most people can talk well, few can listen. Then, at some point, share Jesus with them. Several months down the line, the scenario between you two could unfold like this. “Hey, why are you so kind and generous with me? Nobody really listens to me, except for my mom and you.” Your reply could be “Well, I love Jesus and he changed my life. He loves you so it is just natural for me to love you the way he does. He is a friend who will always listen to you.”

Another way for us to battle spiritual homelessness is to join a small group. It doesn’t matter if you have a home in Christ yet or not, I’d like to invite you to join a small group here at Aspen Ridge Church or at your local church. It is where people often feel the most at home in community. I’ve even heard a few people say they feel more at home in their small group than in their own home, their own family.

Will you come out of dark streets of this world and come home to Christ? If you are already there, will you share the warmth of his fireplace and dinner table with others? It is the reason we exist in this world.

God, I pray that everyone who heard this message during services January 7th and 8th in person, online, or on You tube or is reading this version modified for the blog would find a warm home in Christ. A home that starts at the moment of belief and lasts forever! An eternal home with God through Jesus Christ. It’s in his powerful name I pray, Amen.   

From my home to yours, 

Eric Krajewski
Director of Small Groups

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