Aspen Ridge family,

A few recent experiences with a church van left us less than confident our existing vans were a reliable means of transportation for student ministry.  Our church vans are over 20 years old. We have heard consensus among parents and other leaders that our van(s) should be replaced. Therefore, Aspen Ridge Church leaders purchased a used van to safely transport our students to various camp and outreach opportunities. The van holds 15 passengers and has a number of safety features.  It is a 2017 with 39,000 miles for some $22,000. If you feel led by God to help offset the cost of this van to the general fund you may provide a special gift to this end. Simply write “van” on the memo portion of your check or online gift. Since this is a significant one-time expense, sacrificial or generous gifts will maintain our financial flexibility to fulfill our mission of inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ together.

Yours, Jeff

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