Have you ever had something completely UNEXPECTED happen? Something you thought would not happen in a million years? When I think about Christmas, that is what comes to mind. Yes, there were predictions and prophecies in the Old Testament about a Messiah for Israel. But when it came to Mary and Joseph, they were living out the first Christmas without any idea of just how God was going to move in and through their lives. It was all truly UNEXPECTED.

I would like to personally invite you to a Christmas Series at Aspen Ridge Church when we will explore this topic: the series will be entitled UNEXPECTED. This relates to our lives in a personal and direct way. While we believe God has a plan and our future is in his hands, still the particular ways he accomplishes his purposes are UNEXPECTED.  William Cowper penned these famous words “God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform…”

Will you expect God to do the UNEXPECTED? This season we will present the series UNEXPECTED. I invite you to fold into things at Aspen Ridge Church! Christmas weekend will feature two Christmas Eve services at 3:30 and 5PM. Then on Christmas morning we will gather at 10AM. We look forward to growing in the ways of faith, together.


Pastor Jeff Clark

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