“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9, NIV.

The Bible verse above was the theme for last summers’ camp at IdRaHaJe, one of Aspen Ridge Church’s ministry partners. It is one of many, many verses from our sacred book that tells us not to be afraid or worry because God “has got this.”

My three boys (Andrew, Ethan and Connor) learned that verse this summer while having the adventure of their lives. At the time, who could have possibly imagined that the verse would be so relevant some eight or nine months later as the pandemic changed the face of a world that is getting wrinkled with worry.

This powerful verse from Joshua quickly became my son Ethan’s favorite Bible verse after camp. He bought a necklace with it engraved on it that he wears often. While typing this blog, I called him to see what translation he had learned. He quoted the New International Version above word-for-word. The verse is committed to Ethan’s memory and written on the hearts of all my boys, who are stronger and more courageous now than they were in the carefree summer before the pandemic. Praise God!

How are we doing as a world and as God’s people with fear, anxiety and worry? Not very good, I’m afraid (pun intended)! I tried to capture what I was sensing from others and my own heart in a poem I wrote called Freestyle Hope you can read here.

As followers of Christ we are called not only to listen carefully to what those around us and our own hearts are saying, we are called to do something about it when they conflict with what God says in His word. Simply processing and sensing without more is dead religion. Doing something about it is living faith. It is in that spirit that Aspen Ridge Church is pleased to offer ways to live out your faith in practical ways in this time of worry and anxiety.

The first practical help is FREE tele counseling (over the phone or video platform) provided by graduate students attending Colorado Christian University’s counseling program. Whether you are dealing with fear, anxiety, lifestyle changes related to COVID-19 or managing your household in uncertain times—this is a great time to seek support from the comfort of your home. You can contact Dr. Sharon Miles-Hastings directly at [email protected] to set up an appointment to take advantage of this valuable resource.

The second practical help is a new small group I will be facilitating called “Anxious for Nothing. Finding Calm in a Chaotic World” by Max Lucado. If you have any interest at all in this small group, please email me at [email protected] I want to listen to those interested to collaborate on an appropriate day, time, and venue. This small group is offered for those struggling with worry at this time and for those who want to learn more in order to be a resource to help others in this time of need.

The God of the Bible continuously reminds us to trust him and not be fearful. “I sought the LORD, and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” (Psalm 34:4, ESV). I urge you to seek the LORD through the new offers above, learn with me and be strong and courageous in these fearful times.

Peace to you,

Eric Krajewski, Director of Small Groups

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