Hello Church Family!

In the past few weeks, we have introduced a new series entitled “Spiritual Conversations.” It is a practical look at how to generate, and sustain, conversations about transcendent subjects like purpose in life, beauty, meaning, eternity and the spiritual realm. Nearly two weeks ago we reviewed our church mission statement: inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ together. Last week we explored the way in which conversion to faith includes a process. Since it involves a process, we should think about sharing our faith with others as a process!

One practical dimension to this includes praying for family members, neighbors, friends, co-workers, team members, classmates and others. I challenged all of us to use a 3X5 index card to this end. At the top of the card write “Spiritual Conversations.” Then list a handful of people still on the way to faith for whom you can pray. The commitment (if you agree to such) is to pray in the months of February and March for those on your list. Pray that God would open the door to spiritual conversations and invitations. Then, in the first two weekends of April, we will have special occasions to invite the very same individuals to events at Aspen Ridge Church.

The first special occasion will be Palm Sunday weekend, when we will host a Jews for Jesus presentation entitled “Christ in the Passover.” This will be a visual, interactive look at how Israel celebrates the Passover Meal, and how it is fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. This will be a powerful and amazing way to prepare for the weekend to come, a celebration of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our message for resurrection weekend will be “The Sign of Jonah,” describing the way Jonah was a figure (or type) of the Messiah to come. He was trapped in the belly of the great fish for three days; in the same way our Messiah was trapped in death. However, he was vomited onto the dry beach, in the same way our Messiah rose from the dead. Our Easter weekend will also celebrate baptisms!

February 11/12 weekend we will explore the “Person of Peace” principle that serves the progress of the gospel. We will also give an update on our Rediscover Church initiative. In the meantime, let me encourage you to continue to pray for the people on your index card. In my case I put my index card in my vehicle. I am praying for two neighbors, two friends at my gym, my mechanic, banker, financial advisor and a person who works at the Marshdale General Store. For whom are you praying?

Sharing the love of Christ,

Dr. Jeffrey Clark
Aspen Ridge Church

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