See spring mountains burst alive with light aspen green,
hear birds singing praise as sunlight hits the morning scene.
“New life” they proclaim, with a “cheep, chirp” as it begins to rain.

Feel the warm afternoon sun on your face,
surrounded by a vibrant blue sky announcing summer to this place.
The summer sun sets painting breath-taking red and orange of an artist’s hands,
before the moon and stars shine wonder in these nighttime lands.

Hear an elk bull bugle at first fall light,
an eerie yet glorious sound revealing strength and might.
The aspens splash yellow across each valley and hill,
singing delight until soul has its fill.

Smell the incense of burning cedar warming a winter log home,
outside snowflakes fly unique but not alone.
The white winter snow blankets acres of ground,
sparkling beauty and speaking of purity profound.

Here in the wilds and seasons, God is revealed,
creating and delighting, never concealed.
The creatures and heavens declare his glory,
inviting you to come home and be part of his story.
Truly listen and keep your eyes peeled, the grandeur of creation
is God revealed.

-Eric Krajewski, Director of Small Groups

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