I believe, alongside Aspen Ridge Church leaders, God is stirring us toward a church-wide emphasis called “Rediscover Church.” It appears God is awakening an increasing number of people to re-consider the value of church for themselves and their families. God has used the turmoil and division of the past few years to interest a new generation in the need for the local Christian Church. We believe this becomes an occasion to listen to God’s Word for his directives toward Jesus-followers about connecting with His people.  It’s time to Re-discover Church!

The season of turmoil and uncertainty around gathering (among other things) resulted in the demise of our sister church in our neighboring community of Indian Hills. This neighboring area is without a gospel church. Those who live in Indian Hills do not always or readily commute our way. There are thousands who live there with no immediate access to a local, gospel-teaching church. A healthy local church embodies the gospel in this and other needy areas around the world. Our commitment is to bring the Christian message to this part of our area and region in and through support for a new local church. Alongside this Rediscover Church series, we seek to support this initiative with financial resources and people as God provides.  We yearn for such a gospel witness in Indian Hills!

Further, Aspen Ridge Church leaders seek to eliminate debt on our church building. Our church building is important to our mission as it reflects to our community what we think about God and the priority and value we place on this local Christian church. We seek to eliminate our existing debt (about $100,000) so we can re-allocate budget resources toward our greatest strength: holistic small groups. Such small groups are an important means we use to demonstrate the love of Christ in our neighborhoods and invite all to share our home in Christ. Small groups are an important way we seek to live out the Great Commission… through our church toward the world.

We will begin this series the weekend after Labor Day, September 10/11. Will you begin praying about this new series, our need to Rediscover Church? Will you consider inviting a friend? Will you connect with a small group? Will you give yourself and your resources in the way God leads? I hope the answer is yes and seek all that God has for us in and through this new series.

Pastor Jeff

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