Aspen Ridge Family,

In the Fall of 2022, Aspen Ridge Church presented a new series entitled Rediscover Church. This series presented God’s vision for the place of the local Christian church in His plan to make disciples among the nations. We used a book of the same title by Collin Hansen & Jonathan Leeman to supplement the series and to promote small group life. Our leaders also decided to place two strategic initiatives alongside this series, inviting participation by all. The first initiative was to support a new church plant in our neighboring community of Indian Hills. The second was to eliminate a mortgage that existed on the Aspen Ridge Church property. In light of these “God-sized” aspirations, it seems appropriate to review some of the ground that has been covered, celebrate God-sightings and thank many of you for your steady and generous participation in such initiatives.

Rediscover Church called for a stretch or faith goal, over and above regular giving, for a quarter-million dollars. The first half of such goal would go to funding the Mackeys and a new church plant. These proceeds allowed the Mackeys to be a “church planters in residence” at Aspen Ridge Church, building relationships that would result in some 20-30 people personally going with the new church. I am pleased to report that God (through the means mentioned above) has planted Grace Hills Church in Indian Hills. The new church began having services around Easter of 2023. Among many things, un-churched individuals have begun connecting with services in Indian Hills. We have heard of faith commitments and baptisms. Just recently our local newspaper featured a “Science Camp” (hosted by Grace Hills) on the front page! God has established a healthy and vibrant local church in a neighborhood which did not have such. May God be praised for this outcome. I would like to personally thank so many of you who have given sacrificially toward this important project.

The second half of the faith goal would go toward eliminating the Aspen Ridge Church building mortgage.  The elimination of this mortgage would reduce church expenses by about $3,000 per month. These savings could then be applied to further realize our purpose and vision. Our purpose is to invite neighbors to find a home in Christ together. Our vision is that every person in our community would be on the receiving end of a practical demonstration of the love of Christ, and that every person connecting with our church would be a part of one or more healthy small group(s). In the providence of God, we did not reach this financial goal, at least in the Rediscover Church initiative. However, under the wise management of our general fund resources, and steady and consistent giving to this ministry, our leaders decided to pay off our church mortgage with existing resources. Praise God!

For some months we have realized the savings on the expense side of our church budget. An immediate result is that we are moving forward in providing additional events and ministries in this fiscal and ministry year. On August 12/13, Aspen Ridge Church will present Marriage Weekend Seminars. These seminars will be in coordination with our Colossians series, alongside our two weekend services, so that individuals or couples may attend at least one workshop and one weekend service. The topics addressed will include “I Think We Are Finally Talking” and “I Understand You.” This ministry will be provided by Eric Krajewski, Director of Small Groups.

The other initiative will be led by our Director of Children’s Ministries Debbie Stewart. She and her team will present a Parenting Seminar on Saturday, August 19 at 5:00 PM (opposite the Saturday night service), also in coordination with the Colossians series. We will feature a handful of our own “seasoned” couples who will describe best practices for Christian parenting in this generation.

In sum, God has been and is at work through our Rediscover Church initiative. To date we have received $135,421.50 toward this initiative. What can you and I do moving forward? First, you can pray for the health and vitality of Grace Hills Church in Indian Hills. If you made a financial pledge to Rediscover Church, trust God to provide such resources so you can be a faithful manager of His money. If you have not made a financial pledge and would like to, you may do so by selecting the “Rediscover Church” tab in online giving or by listing such on a personal check.

Second, you can pray for the health and progress of Aspen Ridge Church. If you are a financial partner with this ministry, thank you. Remain vigilant and consistent to the general fund through the summer months. Also, consider participating in the marriage or parenting weekend ministries. If you are interested in the marriage seminar, you may contact Eric Krajewski (; if you are interested in the parenting workshop, you may contact Debbie Stewart (

Warmly in Christ,
Dr. Jeffrey Clark

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