This document is meant to give Aspen Ridge Church participants an idea of what Aspen Ridge will look like when we reopen. If you have any questions, please do contact the church office as we are still receiving calls and messages at 303.674.4312.

Personal Safety

Physical Distancing: Physical Distancing between individuals or groups from different households will always be spaced at least 6 feet apart. Seating during services will accommodate physical distancing.

Masks: Masks are optional but the state guidelines “strongly recommend” the use of them at all times in the building. If you want to wear a mask please do bring your own, otherwise we will have some available at the welcome desk. The fellowship hall live stream will be “mask only.”

Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer is available outside the celebration center and other areas where the worship service will be streamed, as well as at the welcome center.

Hand-washing: Hand-washing often and good hygiene are strongly encouraged. Also please be cognitive of covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough.

Sick: If you or someone in your household is sick, Aspen Ridge would like to you stay home and take care of yourself and your household.  We encourage you to watch the service online, and we would like to know how we can care for you.

Vulnerable: If you are in a vulnerable population, Aspen Ridge would like you to cautiously assess the risks and benefits of attending public worship services and act accordingly.


Worship services: Online and In Person. We will have a maximum of 50 people in the Celebration Center, in the Student Center, and in the Fellowship Area downstairs. The Student Center and the Fellowship Area will have appropriate seating and the worship service will be live streamed to those rooms. The worship services will continue to be in an online format that can be watched anytime. Live services are available 5:00 PM Saturday, and Sunday 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. We will remain flexible and sensitive to the Aspen Ridge needs.

Small Groups: Online and in person with personal safety practices, these details are designated by each small group’s leader.

Ministry teams: Online and in person with personal safety practices. Ministry teams are expected to continue their work, their meetings may be online or in person as appropriate and as determined by the ministry team members and leaders.

Children’s Ministry: Children in service with parents until further notice, the worship services will be “family services” with children attending with their parents. The Kids Zone will be closed.  Additional materials and information will be provided for in service children.

Nursery: Until further notice nursery will not be provided. Nursing mothers may use the room to nurse only.

Student Ministry: Resume midweek gatherings. Pastor of Student Ministries will communicate as necessary in parent email list.

Office: Regular office hours will be restored to normal beginning June 23.

Staff: The best way to contact staff is via email or a message through the church office.

Senior Pastor – Jeffrey Clark [email protected]

Associate Pastor of Worship Arts – Lawrence Pridmore [email protected].org

Associate Pastor of Student Ministries – Kreg Kastelz [email protected]

Director of Children’s Ministries – Debbie Stewart [email protected]

Director of Small Groups – Eric Krajewski [email protected]

Director of Communications – Fressia Alexander [email protected]

Office Manager – Paula Yerks [email protected]


Coffee & Food: There will be no food or beverage provided by Aspen Ridge and attendees may not bring any food or beverage to share with others.

Offering: The offering bags will not be passed during the worship services; the preferred method of giving will continue to be online.  Receptacles will be provided where your offering can be left, or you may mail your offering to the church office.

Communion: Communion elements will be provided by Aspen Ridge in individual pre-filled and sealed containers.  The containers will be available for pick up at communion weekend services.

Seating: Seating will accommodate physical distancing between individuals or groups from different households and will be spaced at least 6 feet apart.

Cleaning & Disinfecting: Aspen Ridge will clean and disinfect between every worship service.

Bathrooms: Attendees are asked to limit the use of the restroom facilities to one person or set of household members at a time.  If a restroom is occupied, please wait outside the door until the restroom is unoccupied.  As a reminder, the upstairs has one family bathroom near the nursery, one men’s and one women’s restroom. Downstairs there is one men’s and one women’s restroom near the bottom of the stairs.

Connecting: As Aspen Ridge strives to comply with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment guidance – we encourage attendees to adhere to the established physical distancing guidelines, we still do encourage connecting outside the building after service as cleaning procedures will take place in the building after services.

We will be updating this plan as we get new information.

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