We have had an exciting development on our playground! A few years ago, a generous family donated their temporary play structure to accommodate the smaller children that use the playground. This structure was a wonderful asset over the years, however with the amount of use that the playground sustains each week, the play-set was getting weak and becoming unsafe. Safety is our top priority and it was time for an upgrade.

A new permanent play structure specifically designed for our smaller children was purchased by the Children’s Ministry this fall. During the past couple of months a faithful group of volunteers lovingly donated their time to build it. This was no small task we found after the project began. Like most, if not all construction projects, there were some unseen obstacles and challenges along the way. The dedicated volunteers did not waver. They continued to troubleshoot, adapt and overcome to get this playground built!

The children watched eagerly from week to week. I observed them as they walked by the playground in progress. I loved hearing the children’s words as they walked by.  “Why is the playground closed?”, “I miss the playground”, “Wow, they are building it!”, “Look Mom, there is a climbing wall and a slide!”, “I cannot wait to play on it!”.

It was a very happy day full of smiles and laughter when the playground re-opened with the new play-set. The children were so happy and so thankful.

I personally want to thank ALL the amazing volunteers who so graciously donated their time, machinery, and lots of sore muscles to building the new play structure. Church Care Crew, Properties Ministry, Adam Stewart, Jeff Caesar – this would not have been possible without you! Thank you for making a new safe play structure for our little ones! They love it!

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