I have a strong desire to finish the course of my pastoral ministry with energy, fire and passion. I believe the best and most productive years for Aspen Ridge Church, and for my own life, are ahead. I seek to use a month-long sabbatical for personal, family, and pastoral enrichment to finish well. I will break this sabbatical into three, 10-day units with the following content and objectives.

Personal Enrichment

First, I will use 10 days for personal enrichment through extended and concentrated times of prayer. This will be at a location away from regular responsibilities and rhythms in Conifer/Evergreen. In addition to Scripture, I will bring a handful of meaningful books that have served as motivational tools for my prayer life. I will also bring a journal and take notes on my prayers. The personal benefit will be an opportunity to cultivate new and fresh intimacy in my relationship with Jesus Christ. Further, I will seek to receive new degrees of humility, dependence on God, enabling from God, perspective and guidance in pastoral work. I will be ready to share with leaders and Aspen Ridge participants the fruit of my prayers and answers to prayer. Finally, additional days could be given over to a prayer retreat with church leaders. The benefit to Aspen Ridge will be elders committed to the Word and prayer in the way of Acts 6. Prayer is a means of receiving gifts that only God can give.

Family Enrichment

Second, I propose using 10 days for marriage and family enrichment through attending a marriage workshop specially designed for pastors and wives. I seek to receive new and fresh help in my role as a husband so that I can grow in providing servant leadership to my wife. I want to invest in my marriage and promote its health and growth. I would like to team in pastoral ministry even more effectively with my wife. I want to give my wife and my marriage un-interrupted attention and consideration in a constructive environment. We will attend a “Sonscape” marriage event for pastors and wives on March 17-23rd. Practical benefits include continuing to learn how to love and appreciate my wife in such a way that my prayers will not be hindered. Another benefit to Aspen Ridge will include an even stronger commitment to my/our marriage. Finally, such an investment in marriage enrichment would value and esteem the institution of marriage in our circles.

Pastoral Enrichment

Third, I propose making an investment in my pastoral life by attending a Converge event called “Compass.” Compass is a regional event sponsored by a district executive minister to provide support and clarity for pastors and wives on how to finish well. The following is a description of this event through Converge: “We want your church to stay healthy so you can continue to impact your community for Jesus. Compass provides support for pastors just like you and helps them through the challenges of leading a church. It helps Converge districts and churches serve pastors who desire a checkup… Compass gives you the tracks to run on to make the most of your ministry.” The declared objectives of Compass include helping me define my current reality, dream about a preferred fruitful future, and connect with a strategic pathway moving forward. I propose returning with a two-page summary paper with descriptions and content for my/our reality, preferred future, and pathway to make progress toward this future.

Time: March 2-March 31, 2020

Teaching: Preaching Team will preside over the preaching for the four remaining weekends in March. This will include teaching through Romans 10 in four units. This portion of Romans may be motivational toward inviting neighbors for Easter weekend. Further, regular preaching opportunities for such team/members will be suspended in January, February and April to ensure the correct and proportionate use of such team throughout the ministry year.

Leadership: Divided between and among Pastor Lawrence and Pastor Kreg. Pastor Lawrence will give support and leadership to staff and ministry team leaders. Pastor Kreg will provide support and leadership to assimilation and pastoral support/visitation.

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