Dear Friend of Aspen Ridge Church,

You may know that our church leaders gave Mary and I a “study trip” to Southern California for the last nine days. When rockets began to fly over Israel on October 7, our Israel trip was at least postponed. Since we had arranged coverage from our preaching team and staff, I asked if a portion of that time could be given over to such “study trip” in Pasadena, CA at my parents’ home. My parents are now in their mid-80’s and we treasure the opportunities we had to see them!

Our trip involved seeing my ministry coach (Bob Logan) and a personal mentor (Gene Selander). These men are life-giving and an inspiration to me. We had opportunities to attend church with my parents and a special concert entitled “The Gospel and the King.” The “King” was a nickname for Elvis Presley and the many ways gospel music influenced his life and career. I also had a chance to do some discretionary reading. One book was entitled “Killing the Witches” by Bill O’Reilly.  It was a look at the Salem Witch trials in the early 17th Century. I also began reading a book entitled JFK and Vietnam.

I did have times at the Fuller Seminary library studying passages related to our current series (Thy Kingdom Come) and an upcoming series (James – Spiritual Wholeness). I gave attention to a prophetic passage in Isaiah 11 about a future kingdom and to Revelation 20. I spent time getting to know more about the Epistle of James and Jesus’ brother’s concern for the early church. I read many things about the need for community and practical applications for our faith in Christ.

I would like to thank you and our leaders for the generous way I feel supported and empowered in ministry. It is great to be back, and I look forward to the coming months of worship and celebration.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Jeff

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