Adam’s Road

Adam’s Road

One of my “pastor friends” is Jason Freeman of Bergen Park Church. We were gathering this summer and comparing notes about how things were going and what was happening in our respective ministries. Jason indicated that he was hosting a group called Adam’s Road this summer. 

Puppy Steps! 

Puppy Steps! 

As I watch Gracie being a puppy, I can’t help but think of evangelism and the cause of Christ. Really! You may be thinking, “How in the world do you think of evangelism and Jesus Christ when watching your puppy?!”  Good question. Hear me out on this. 

Summer Updates

I trust you are enjoying the changing rhythms of the summer months. In many cases there are new friends to make, new places to see, and new opportunities to experience God’s beautiful creation. I hope you will receive God’s grace and renewal on these long days, in this warm season.

Summer Affinity Small Groups

Summer Affinity Small Groups

Summer is an amazing time for all kinds of outdoor activities in our mountain community. I wonder if it is time to combine our love of summer-wonder with our new thirst for being contagious Christians? 

Summer Experiment

There is a rhythm, an ebb-and-flow, to church life and attendance patterns. Summer includes opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors and, in some cases, to take much needed vacations. In our Evergreen community, summers are also a time for people to move into our area and/or look for a local Christian Church. With our emphasis on “Being Contagious” with our Christian faith in our small groups this Spring, we want to provide additional opportunities for Christian witness this summer. In light of this we will… 

Be Contagious

The early Christian Church had a notable beginning…after Peter’s message, many received the gospel message and were baptized. In fact, the early church added to its fellowship about 3,000 souls. After the early church formed a network of small groups, Christian faith remained “contagious,” and the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved (Acts 2:47). 

What basic facts exist about Jesus?

Jesus Christ is a polarizing figure. Say the name “Jesus Christ” in conversation and see what happens: you will experience many and wide-ranging reactions. Not everybody agrees about Jesus’ identity and not everybody is in the same place in relationship to Jesus.

Preaching Team

In 2016, I asked the Aspen Ridge elder board for permission to develop a “preaching team” that would share weekend teaching and preaching opportunities. The rationale for this proposal was bound up in a number of important factors…

A Message from the Director of Small Groups…

Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to be your new Director of Small Groups! I am extremely humbled by it and grateful for the opportunity to serve. I want to also thank our former director, Bob Blake, for his faithful service to small groups in his volunteer capacity.

Live It Out Update: Eric

I am pleased to share a new development in our Live It Out initiative. One of its important features has to do with giving intentional support to our small group life.

He Came.

This year, Aspen Ridge will focus on a new and different type of teaching series alongside our celebration of the Christmas holidays. Our series, “He Came,” describes why the Son of God became flesh, entering this broken world.

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