What basic facts exist about Jesus?

Jesus Christ is a polarizing figure. Say the name “Jesus Christ” in conversation and see what happens: you will experience many and wide-ranging reactions. Not everybody agrees about Jesus’ identity and not everybody is in the same place in relationship to Jesus.

Preaching Team

In 2016, I asked the Aspen Ridge elder board for permission to develop a “preaching team” that would share weekend teaching and preaching opportunities. The rationale for this proposal was bound up in a number of important factors…

A Message from the Director of Small Groups…

Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to be your new Director of Small Groups! I am extremely humbled by it and grateful for the opportunity to serve. I want to also thank our former director, Bob Blake, for his faithful service to small groups in his volunteer capacity.

Live It Out Update: Eric

I am pleased to share a new development in our Live It Out initiative. One of its important features has to do with giving intentional support to our small group life.

He Came.

This year, Aspen Ridge will focus on a new and different type of teaching series alongside our celebration of the Christmas holidays. Our series, “He Came,” describes why the Son of God became flesh, entering this broken world.

Security in Prayer

First, we should acknowledge the evil that exists in our world and our culture. This takes the form of resistance against, and sometimes violence toward, the gospel of Jesus Christ. We were never promised that following Jesus was without danger or hardship.

Matt Johnson Introduction

Alongside our transition in the Worship Arts department, our leadership has been working to secure the needed leadership for this important aspect of our church life. In light of this, I am pleased to introduce to you Matt Johnson, our new Interim Director of Worship Arts.

DV8 Update: On Returning from CIY MOVE…

On July 10, we left for this year’s event and we chose to attend the Lincoln event hosted on the University of Nebraska’s campus. While I didn’t know what to think about spending a week at the “Home of the Huskers,” I was excited about the trip.

Headwinds (Annual Report 2017)

In the time leading up to my annual report, I asked God to give me a simple, “one word” summary for this year of church life. I have since chosen the word “headwind.” 

Aspen Ridge Facelift

In the coming weeks and months, you will see significant renovations and construction on our church property. Will you use this occasion to pray for our church and the realization of our God-given mission?

Latest Messages

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