You have seen the sign, the caution tape, and the dust in our main entry way over the past few months. God made all of creation in only six days… Yes, it takes us humans a bit longer to complete construction, and yes – it is now complete!

If you were unaware of exactly what we were doing in the main lobby area, we have made a new family restroom. We removed two very small and out of date restrooms and created one new ADA accessible family restroom that has a baby changing station and plenty of space. This remodel also has allowed us to expand our lobby area to improve traffic flow. We also widened the hallway that leads to the nursery to make entering and exiting more convenient for families.

During the time of construction our nursery was closed as well. We are very pleased to announce the nursery will be open again this weekend! We have some new additions to our beautiful nursery that we encourage you to come see. We have made a mother’s room that will provide a private and quiet place for nursing mothers and babies. There have been some other upgrades, new items and other improvements made to our nursery to provide a safe, beautiful, and peaceful place for our tiniest treasures.

We thank you for your patience during construction. Please stop in and see what improvements have been made!


Debbie Stewart

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