Good Morning Friends,

It is Tuesday, March 17 and I am rotating back to Aspen Ridge from the first leg of my Sabbatical. I’ve been having a great Sabbatical and have been providing updates through our regular channels of communication. I really appreciate your prayers to that end.

But, there are unprecedented things happening related to the coronavirus in our country. We concluded a meeting with our elder team and with our staff. In lite of what we are hearing from our governmental leaders and to respect their plan to reduce the progress of this virus, Aspen Ridge Church building will be closed for eight weeks. That is what we have before us. I do want to share with you that while this is a disappointment to me and to us, there is a huge opportunity that is right along side of this. Our mission transcends a building. The church is not simply the building – it is the people of God on mission. Our mission is inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ together and for the next eight weeks, we will have a unique opportunity to elevate small group life and ministry off-campus, off of the church property and out of the church building.

In the coming days, Eric Krajewski, our director of small groups, will be sharing with you some opportunities to connect and to invest in small group life. Please take advantage of this. What I do want you to hear is that we will be providing weekend messages and weekend singing and worship. That will be coming through Pastor Lawrence and our communications director (Fressia Alexander). That will be coming Sunday morning this week and then earlier in the coming weeks. You can look for that on Sunday morning through email or the church website (

If you need something, please, this is a time when we want to remain generous. It’s a opportunity for a practical demonstration of the love of Christ in our neighborhoods and in our community. In the spirit of all that, our church office will remain open. We will be receiving emails and phone calls. Those regular office hours are 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Tuesday through Thursday and 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM on Fridays.

Also, please let us bond together and continue to remember our sacrificial giving to the Lord. We depend on that giving in order to be and remain generous to our community. There is an important way to give online. There is a tab and a link through our website to that end. You can give by credit card or by automatic withdrawals. Of course, you can still mail in your gifts. We are going to need to trust God’s sustaining grace and provision in these next eight weeks. Please remember to do that as well.

My prayers are with you. It is great to be back, even for this short window of time. This afternoon, my wife and I will move into the second leg of our Sabbatical, which is a marriage workshop in greater Colorado Springs. We continue to appreciate your prayers to that end. We just thank you for being there, being the people of God and being faithful to God and His work in a needy time like this.

In Christ’s name, Amen.


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