Have you every wondered, why is life so hard?

You are not alone. Being a man isn’t easy. Our culture tells us we are “privileged”… it certainly doesn’t feel like it! Life often feels firmly set against us. It’s clear that things happen for a reason but most of the time, if we are being honest, life feels like a movie that we have arrived to 30 minutes late …

We ding ourselves in the middle of a story that is sometimes wonderful, sometimes awful – usually a confusing mixture of both – and we haven’t a clue how to make sense of it all. But what if we could know? Is there a missing piece of the puzzle that would help explain this crazy thing we call life?

Please join us on March 19-20, as we discover the one thing that has the ability to change everything.

God wants to re-awaken you to the much buffer story. Something has been lost. Something has been stolen. And God wants you to discover what it is. It is wild. It is not safe. But it is good. And you have a role to play. You are needed… more than you know!

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