Dear Friend of Aspen Ridge Church,

I am so pleased to hear about progress in reducing the number of COVID 19 cases in our state and region. The result is that government guidelines with respect to wearing masks have now changed. Wearing masks is optional and our new motto is simply: “Masks Are Welcome, but not Required.” If you are concerned for your own health or your neighbor’s susceptibility such that you choose to wear a mask, you are welcome. However, new guidelines allow discretion in this matter and a personal choice when entering or moving around our facility. The same optional mask policy will be the case with all Aspen Ridge Church student and children’s ministry.

It appears we also have the latitude to provide coffee, and we know how badly so many of us need just that in the morning. Our service ministry team is in the process of arranging for such support. If you are interested in serving on a rotation or a team to that end, please let us know at the church office.

I know in the past year there have been different views about degrees of compliance to state and local guidelines for COVID 19. Whatever your personal views, let me encourage you to set these aside for the public gathering of God’s people in worship of the risen Christ. Further, remember our mission to invite neighbors to find a home in Christ. Watch and pray for opportunities to extend invitations. I believe God is at work and people are hungry for a real encounter with God. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few, therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.


Pastor Jeffrey Clark

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