In the coming weeks, I present to you a new series entitled “Little Apocalypse.”  This series will look at Jesus’ teaching on the end times in Luke, chapter 21. There are a number of reasons why I believe we need this series…

First, God knows and proclaims the future to demonstrate that He is the true God. God, in Jesus Christ, knows the future and shows us what will happen in the future. The fulfillment of prophecy is an important reason to believe in the presence and reliability of the God of Scripture.

Second, teaching about the future is a valid way of discerning false prophets and religious leaders. The Scriptures give a severe consequence to those who portray themselves as God’s prophets, but in fact, are not. We must be vigilant in guarding against false prophets of all kinds.

Third, Jesus addresses the close of the age so we can place ourselves in proper historical context and know how to live in our current generation. We should understand where history is moving so we can have balance and perspective when suffering and persecution comes to God’s people.

Fourth, there is urgency to our mission that comes alongside the imminent return of Jesus Christ. The time is short and God is standing at the door. No one is assured of tomorrow and no one knows the day or the hour of Christ’s return. In light of this we must give ourselves to God and his mission with urgent devotion.

Our series will run for five weeks and follow the following format…

Aug 10/11 – Introduction/Overview; Luke 21:5-11

Aug 17/18 – Destruction of Jerusalem Temple; Luke 21:12-20

Aug 24/25 – Times of the Gentiles; Luke 21:24

Aug 31/Sept 1 – Great Tribulation; Luke 21:8-11, 25-8

Sept 7/8 – Lessons on Watchfulness; Luke 21:34-6


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