Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be present in the stories we read from the Bible? Would the experience give you a deeper understanding and appreciation for the people involved and what life was like for them each day? As we read the Bible and try to put what was written within a contextual framework, we build mental images of what we think it was like based on our own cultural and personal experiences in life.

Those who have visited the Holy Land and the other geographical locations mentioned in the Bible will tell you that seeing and experiencing these sites in person completely altered their preconceived notions of what actually took place in that location. Jerusalem University College, a Christian educational institution located on Mount Zion adjacent to the Old City of Jerusalem, has for over 60 years offered programs that concentrate on providing students with hands-on experiences at biblical sites. They explore the historical/cultural background of the biblical accounts with heavy emphasis on the archeological evidence currently available from academia.

As part of our Aspen Ridge University program, which seeks to offer opportunities to dig deeper into the teachings of the Bible, the Elder Board has chosen to sponsor an educational trip to Israel to help members deepen their understanding of the Christian faith and their relationship with God. We have chosen to partner with Jerusalem University College as a premier provider of biblical studies in the land of Israel.

This hands-on opportunity will take place October 15-31, 2023 and will be led by Dr. Chris Van Inwagen, one of our elder team members. If you are interested in joining this excursion, there will be an informational meeting on Monday, February 27 at 7:00 PM in the Student Center. For more information, contact Chris Van Inwagen at ccvanin@centurylink.net.

Chris Van Inwagen
Aspen Ridge Church Elder

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