Imagine that you have lived a full and fairly satisfying life that you know is coming toward its end here on earth. You’ve had joy and triumphs alongside sadness and failures. You are ready whenever God calls you home.   

When he calls you home, you stand before him in total silence, completely unable to utter a word. Your eyes are wide, and your mouth hangs open because for the first time you understand the true meaning of the word AWESOME! That word now seems like a curse word every time you’ve used it in conversation back on that dim land.   

You are now in heaven face to face with the person of your faith and trust. The glory you see makes that most beautiful sunset over the mountains back on earth seem like a poor crayon drawing “outside the lines” by a little kid. The perfect starlit night like an old, sputtering flashlight. The love you feel now makes even your most cherished mortal relationships seem like constant struggle and heartache.    

You are in complete and total awe. So much so that you forget the words you have been wanting to hear for yearsYou are simply too mesmerized now to remember them or even care for that matter. That is, of course, until God speaks them in a voice that sends chills down your spine and causes you to crash on your knees overwhelmed by it all. 

Well done, good and faithful servant” says the God of the Bible in the clearest and most delightful voice you have ever heard.   

He is walking toward you with arms wide open and a smile you’ve seen somewhere in your dreams before or maybe a sweet childhood memory. You stand up from your knees embracing him in a hug as you tremble with joy and reverence. He wipes the tears from your eyes and tells you they will be your last. You are finally home now, and you know it!   

If this experience or a similar one is to happen to you it will be because you chose to follow Christ before you died and you decided to use the spiritual gifts he gave you to serve him and others.   

At Aspen Ridge Church, we are knee deep in a sermon series on spiritual gifts called “Gifts from Above.” During the weekend of February 27 and 28, 2021, we will be asking you to commit your gifts to the Lord. For believers outside of the Aspen Ridge walls here in Evergreen, Colorado, I urge you to make the same commitment that weekend and plug into a local Bible living church where you can use those gifts, if you haven’t already.   

For those who have discovered their gifts and are using them effectively, keep at it! You know the deep satisfaction using them brings even amongst the frustrations and failures. You are being blessed by God as you use those gifts such that you are blessing others.   

Maybe you are thinking, “how can I commit my gifts when I don’t even know what they are? One option is to take an online spiritual gift assessment as well as giving a spiritual gifts discovery survey to 3 close friends asking them to complete it. You can find both exercises here.

We are committed as a church to come alongside you to process how your gifts can best be used. A conversation with one of our ministry placement consultants after you’ve taken the assessment is something that will help you be more effective and find a good match to use your gifts to help others find a home in Christ. Our consultants are members of our church whom you likely know that want to help you understand your gifts so that you can pray and discern how to best use them.   

Will you answer God’s call to use your spiritual gifts? Will you take a step of faith during commitment weekend in our walls, online, or wherever you find yourselfI believe doing so will help you stand, or kneel, before God someday to hear those beautiful words “Well done, good son! or “Well done, faithful daughter!”   

In His service, 

Eric Krajewski
Director of Small Groups  



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